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Hey, have I ever told you how much I love black Alphas? Yeah, I thought I had mentioned it a time or two over the years! And I don’t like them for all of the fetishy reasons that many size-queen faggots adore them. No, I worship them because they are powerful Men who are typically more attuned to their animal instincts and Hierarchical desires.

In all my years of service, I don’t think I ever had to go through any of the explanations about what I am or my need to serve with black Alphas. They just knew I was a faggot from the first time they met me and knew how I was meant to be used. I always felt so free with them because of that.

I’m saying all of that because I’ve come to know a powerful black Alpha named Lord Tim. And, like many of the black Apex Alphas I’ve known and served in the past, Lord Tim is blunt, measured, and extremely dominant. I saw him stalking around quietly on the FWA Discord server, but I don’t like to bother Alphas if they’re on the DL or they’re Sigmas who like to be left alone.

But this black god reached out to me after my embarrassing issue with the Unequals bracelet. He started off this way:

I’ve been a silent reader of your contents on FWA website and the hierarchy podcasts since last year. I really admire what you do and I’d like to tell you how much I – and I guess, so many other passive followers too – appreciate the genuine, ingenious and original contents you share with the world on a regular basis. 

I’m also on the discord server (Lord Tim BCN) and follow your updates there as well. Yesterday, I stumbled on the detailed explanation you sent to @everyone regarding the bracelets scenario and that was the trigger for me to approach you and send you this email.  After reading the detailed explanation and how you owned up to the pricing error (which btw you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it as it’s a given for anyone going into a project for the first time), it is just such a shame that some retards will try to take advantage of you or put you through a stressful situation like that. The consistency and passion you put into what you do is amazing and I just want to let you know that you are highly appreciated. You strike me as someone with such a pure soul – I also love your sarcasm and banter when interviewing guests on the podcasts.

Note the awe-inspiring Protector Alpha vibe in that opening paragraph! It reminds me of this awesome black Alpha I served right after high school named Tyran. After he would throat-fuck me with his enormous black dick (no idea how big it was, but thank goodness he never fucked me with it) he would wrap his arms around me and hold me while I shivered. Alphas like Tyran or Lord Tim probably have no idea what they really can achieve in the heart of a faggot with such Protector Alpha actions!

Then Lord Tim told me more about himself:

Just a bit of intro of Myself. I’m Lord Tim, 38y/o, Gay, Black God, African Man and living in Barcelona, Spain for about 5 years now. I was born an Alpha and have always known this since I was a kid. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in leadership positions since I was a Kid right until this day – socially, academically, professionally. I’ve got a strong personality, always taking the lead or being given control anywhere I find Myself. Whenever I step into a room or even public places like a train, I can tell people feel My presence in the room – even though I don’t say anything. I also have that natural caring instinct to take care of people under My span of control – guess it comes with the territory of being an God-Alpha!

I’ve only ever owned 2 slaves! Just to clarify, by ownership, I mean collaring the slaves and having them sign a negotiated slave contract with Me (well, it really isn’t a negotiation because in reality, I have all the power and the terms are skewed in My favour). I currently have at least 8 subs serving Me consistently both online and IRL in several countries (not counting those whom I have I used in the past or faggots who chat Me up once in a while or that have served one-off). Now that the pandemic seems to be under control, I’m working towards ‘re-owning’ slaves and hopefully, should do so with at least 2 of these My regulars if they get through My training process successfully.

I always find it hilarious when people try to convince me that gay Alphas aren’t as dominant as straight Alphas and are too loving or too interested in romantic relationships to ever truly own a faggot properly. THIS IS WRONG. Gay Alphas are just the same as straight Alphas, and generally want the same things – service and worship.

Like the great Apex Alpha Master Jace (California Alpha), Lord Tim has faggots around the world that serve in some capacity or another. I do think this is an aspect of Alphahood that has really been expanded thanks to the internet, which now allows Alphas to truly have a Kingdom that spans the globe.

And how great is it that Lord Tim collars his faggots? I really do wonder why collaring isn’t a bigger thing for faggots, honestly. Speaking as a faggot, I can tell you it’s profoundly impactful, probably just as much as being caged by a Man. It just tells me that Lord Tim truly believes in deep ownership of his property.

Lord Tim ended his letter with a word of encouragement and Hierarchical empowerment:

I may not be too active commenting on discord (due to My busy schedules in My professional life), but I do follow the updates there and listen to your podcasts regularly. As a matter of fact, I’m currently on holiday in London to see My family over there and I’ve been listening non-stop to all the episodes of your podcasts on spotify right from episode 1. 

I couldn’t agree more with the thoughts you convey in your podcasts. It is what I have experienced over the years in My life as an Alpha, Dom, slave Owner – and now, Apex Alpha. I share your podcasts with My slaves-in-training as an additional resource for their faggot minds to comprehend. Don’t relent in getting the message out there, you’re being noticed and helping both faggots and Alphas discover their true selves, accept their place in the hierarchy of life and live out a fulfilled life by being their true selves.

Gosh, I wish I were in Spain so I could drop to my knees and kiss Lord Tim’s feet (although I wish I could be anywhere except the United States right now anyway)!

I loved what he said about how his entire life verifies the truth of Hierarchy! The beautiful thing about this is that Men like Lord Tim simply lived it before it was defined for them online or elsewhere. They simply ARE Alpha by nature of being born that way, not because they read about it somewhere and made a conscious choice. I, for one, am so grateful Nature created these incredible Apex Alphas to rule our world! I cannot imagine life without them!

And now my life is even richer for having met another one in Lord Tim! Thank you, King!