A Brief Statement About This Site

Yet again, it seems that we have people spamming my comments calling every post “fake” and accusing me of being the faggot version of Stephen King. This comes in waves, and I’ve been dealing with it since the beginning.

Let me say this once more publicly: I do not knowingly publish false stories. I am not interested in writing fiction on this topic because it’s far too important to me. I can’t help people by publishing and promoting lies.

You’d be very surprised how much I vet the stories I publish and the people I cover here. I dig very deeply into my subjects before one word is typed.

Yes, some of the stories published here seem outrageous. Believe me, I have shared your initial shock on many occasions when I would first come across these stories. But, upon digging deeper, I discovered that they were completely true. For instance, the story about Nikki the faggot and his three Alpha brothers really shocked me and I didn’t believe it … until I started talking to all of the Alpha brothers separately and realized it was true. Or the really shocking story about Christophe and Dodo – one I almost didn’t publish just on moral grounds – totally true.

Some would say that the story about the four straight Alphas in Toronto is fiction, but it’s absolutely true; I’m involved with that entire situation on a daily basis. Some have accused my story about California Alpha to be fake, yet I have maintained a solid relationship with him over five years and his story has never changed.

I’ll never forget when I published the ask from an Alpha father who wanted to introduce his 17-year-old Alpha son to the use of faggots – oh, how the doubters howled and mocked me for even considering that as truth! It, of course, turned out to be the totally true stories about Sir Rob and Master Kyle.

I have from time to time been unable to discover a story is false until after publication, but in the few times it has happened I have always removed the story and printed a retraction.

I consider what I’m doing here to be scientific in nature rather than titillating. This site is like PubMed with porn. I’m trying to quantify this very real phenomenon within the Hierarchy.

In this era of disbelief and “fake news” there will always be doubters. But this is my statement about my purpose here and the mission of this website.

So keep wasting time typing “fake” on every story published here. I don’t care. My track record on this subject is so outrageously phenomenal that I feel like Michael fucking Jordan being told by some fatass in the stands that I’m not throwing a layup correctly. Pfffft … whatever.