This is a concurrent thread highlighting Sir Rob, the 51-year-old Apex Alpha Father of 17-year-old Alpha Kyle. CLICK HERE to read all of the posts about this extraordinary Alpha in chronological order!

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been able to feature Master Kyle’s Apex Alpha father Sir Rob. Why the delay? Because this greatest of Protector Alphas has been tirelessly battling COVID in his hospital (he’s a doctor, remember). He’s barely even had time to fuck his wife or his faggots over the last few months.

Despite his exhausting schedule, he has dropped me notes here and there, which humbles me considerably. I’m just some far-away faggot, yet he still gives me crumbs of attention. I cherish every one.

Today he sent me a shocking and heartbreaking story from his job that required him to make use of his powers of Alphahood to solve.


So I was working ER that day, maybe four or five days ago when at around 11pm an ambulance came in. It was a young man, in his 20s. He came in because he tried to kill himself; he slashed his arteries in both his arms. Luckily, his roomate found him before it was too late.

I took care of him and left to continue my work on other patients since he was asleep. I had already seen that boy. He came in with his “boyfriend” to get on PrEP, but I know that these two were Alpha and faggot. I got called to his room when he woke up. He was crying when I walked in. As usual I ask my questions, but with extra care this time. “What happened” “why did you do this” “Were you under the influence” all that stuff. He confessed to me that his man (alpha) left him for someone else, so it was no use for him to live anymore.

It really stuck with me. I just would like to say to every faggot that trying to take your life for an Alpha is not worth it. Suicide is never worth it. You’ll find another Alpha, better than the last one. Thanks for listening, I’ve been having this on my heart for a few days now.

Another life saved by my superhero Sir Rob!

It was really due to his insight as an Apex Alpha owner of faggots that Sir Rob could see deeper into the situation than the average Man, and counsel the faggot accordingly.

My heart swelled three or four times larger after reading his message. How could any faggot serve this Man and not fall completely in love with him? Imagine the aftercare he would provide after fucking you senseless.

I just think about that frightened faggot having this holy mountain of Manhood consoling him as only a great Protector Alpha can.

The greatest Protector Alpha!