A Cocksucker’s Need

For faggots, sucking dick is like breathing, eating, drinking, or living. It is a need as basic and elemental as any vital function. 

It starts with a vague emptiness. A hollowness. An ache. Our mind starts to wander. What is that taste we’re missing?

We need to taste dick again.

When we find the next dick to suck, we are home again. Safe. When we place our lips around the cock head, so firm and warm, we get shivers throughout our whole body. There’s that taste, the salt-tinged meaty taste of Man flesh. There’s that smell of testosterone warmed into a steam around his balls. We suddenly, reflexively start swallowing the thick rod of meat down our throat, pushed by the invisible hands of faggot instinct. We must have it.

We look up like the faggot in the video above. Up at the towering wall of muscle and fur, up at God. We must look ridiculous to such a powerful Man – puppy dog eyes staring up plaintively while an enormous dick slides in and out of our throat – but we look at him nonetheless. We must see his satisfaction. There is no shame.

When we finally start to feel thick jets of cum gushing into the back of our throats, there is a satisfaction within us more complete than any orgasm. We are whole in that moment. Filled with life. His life. 

We take that life with us. It filters through our bodies, becomes us. We are transformed once more. There is peace.

Until the hunger comes again.