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So after Master Oscar made that bold scene at Koko’s house while helping Koko come out of the closet, Master Oscar told Koko to come over to his place later that evening. He said he needed to punish Koko, but also wanted to take Koko out in order to reward the faggot for his bravery (you’ll remember, I told Koko that I thought Master would put him in chastity as punishment).

Amusingly, Koko asked me if I thought Master was going to make him pay for the dinner. “I don’t have any money to pay for it,” said the faggot innocently. I assured Koko that Master would definitely be taking care of the bills.

You were right about the punishment. I’m caged now. For one week. I begged him to give me a second chance and he said yes, you will get a second chance…in a week. He’s taking me for dinner now! As my sister is upset with him because he was rude to our parents he wants me to stay the night with him. He fucked me right after he had caged me, and it hurts a lot but I’m somewhat proud about the pain…do you understand that or am I completely nuts?

I totally get this. It’s like the pain you feel after a great workout, sore and exhausted, but also peaceful and content.

After several hours, I began receiving updates:

Yes he did pay. I just thought for a moment, I heard there are Masters who want the faggots to pay for everything and I wondered if I had to pay. But of course Master didn’t say anything about me paying… At the restaurant he ordered for me! As I am his property he decides want goes in me. It was weird at the restaurant, it was very classy and I was wearing the minimum that was acceptable. And he was dressed so well and he was touching me all the time, even feeding me in between. Making me lick his fingers. I felt people looking at us and I wondered that some of them might recognize him and that my parents will hear about it…I wanted to ask him but then I didn’t. I doubt he would care if my parents knew he was the one fucking me.

When we got back to his place, I undressed at the door, except for the jockstrap, he got naked too, it’s so hot seeing his big cock swing and he sat on the sofa and spread his legs and told me to lick his cock and balls. I kneeled down and started to lick. Every once and then he would correct me and tell me what he liked. I spent two hours on my knees!!! It was so uncomfortable and they did hurt so much but I didn’t want to complain. His crotch smelled so good and he had his hand on my head, I didn’t want him to take it away. He laid back and had his eyes closed and now and then he would stroke through my hair. Eventually he fucked my throat and came inside my mouth again and told me to hold it till it’s gone. Then we went to bed and he allowed me to sleep in his bed and he pressed his cock against me and then he fell asleep.

What an incredible night! It’s like a dream come true for a faggot!

All of this sounds extreme for a straight Apex Alpha, I’ll admit, but some Men are simply more advanced than others. To underscore this, Koko shared with me a story he overheard regarding Master Oscar:

When he started dating my sister I overheard a conversation between my mother and one of her friends who is close with his parents. She told my mother that he had been expelled from school when he was 13 because he was caught with a boy who was sucking him off just one week after they had found him sticking his cock into a girl’s mouth. He was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland where he stayed till he was 18, then he went to Oxford. She said this man is trouble and that he and his older brother were notorious for fucking girls and breaking their hearts lol. Oh and the Swiss boarding school they sent him to was a boys school because they didn’t want him to be around girls. I now can well imagine what he did there lol.

Koko mentioned Master Oscar’s older brother in that overheard experience. That’s possibly significant because Master Oscar told Koko that he plans to introduce his new faggot to his older brother!

Stay tuned! Things are getting interesting!