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The other day I was sifting through the seemingly endless images on this site when I came across the above header image for King Phillip. I thought, “Hmmm, it’s been a little while since I heard from him.” Then, of course, a million other issues distracted me and prevented me from reaching out to him.

But then, by some miracle, the next day a faggot named Lucas reached out to me about King Phillip. It seems that Lucas was once owned and used by King Phillip, and instantly recognized its former Master in my first post about him.

I guess, like scent training, there’s also text training.

Once Lucas confirmed that it was, indeed, it’s former owner, it went on to tell me about being his personal faggot.

It was mind blowing. He oozes power. I get hard every time I think about serving him.

Where do I even start! Your post about him was so accurate. His cock is incredible. I was the faggot that was loaned to King Phillip from Master Tom. After serving King Phillip, I knew that this was a true Alpha. Having him as a reference point made me choose King Phillip over Tom.

We met because my Dom was looking for someone to train me while I was in college. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to finally serve King Phillip. Just typing His name makes me entire body shake.

He spoke with Master Tom. I loved the idea of King Phillip learning all my kinks and triggers from a Dominant who knew me well. I was owned by Master Tom for quite some time. They got connected and hit it off. Right away I knew King Phillip was a true Alpha. He quickly saw through my needs, wants, desires and fantasies. And he made me crave his attention.

He didn’t even ask for my availabilities. I was sitting at my table eating dinner when I got the text. He sent me instructions. I’m trying to find the text, I look back on it when I crave true power. He texted me: “You are my faggot slave. And I’m going to own you tonight.” There was no discussion. It was truth. It was hierarchy. My body instantly shook with this truth. It felt so good to be seen. “You will leave your cock cage out for me to use, and you will strip down naked. You will wait for me, in your room with your house key in the mailbox. You will be hooded and wearing your noise cancelling headphones. And you will stay waiting until I arrive.” He didn’t ask if I agreed, he just knew I would listen.

I didn’t hear him come in of course. I was just in position in my room, headphones on, and hooded. It must have been minutes when I decided to get out of position and check my phone. And at that very second I felt a hand grab my fag clit and another rip off my headphones and then I heard him sneer in my ear “did I say to move, faggot?”

He had been there, watching me and inspecting me without me knowing.

My body was overcome with obedience. I knew that I was in the presence of a true Alpha.

It wasn’t roleplay to him. This was a way of life.

I remember the next thing he did was to touch my precum and reinforce the pathetic nature of my clit. He circled his thumb on the tip of my cock, gathering the precum that had started to drip, and stuffed it in my mouth. He asked me what his power tasted like.

Sam the night went on for another 2 hours. I was in total ecstasy. The problem with it is that every moment was evidence of his Alphahood. I could write an essay on every minute. The way he said: “Lay on your stomach and kiss my feet and stay there until I snap my fingers.” The way he told me the purpose of my holes. The way he touched my body. Everything was pure ecstasy.

I have never felt more in awe of a human being. He truly has a way into your mind. His voice is pure sex. He has the most amazing cock. Sam this Man is truly an apex Alpha.

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a faggot speak so rhapsodically about an Alpha before! The faggot’s words were nearly hysterical with excitement!

I loved it.

There are a few other things that he instilled in me as a slave. The first was his clear need to be orally serviced. Unlike other dominants who asked me to suck their cocks, he just pointed to his thick hung penis and said “hole here.” It made me leap into action.

He made sure I knew how he liked his cock sucked. He would lean back and just look at me, waiting for me to adjust my strategy to pleasure him. I knew I wasn’t serving correctly when my hair would be pulled up. I knew I was serving correctly when my mouth would be held deep on his cock.

I believe that it is possible to cunt a faggot in the throat. He fucked me throat so deeply that to this day, I still feel the remnants of his cock deep in my throat, engrained as a memory. Is it weird to say that even when I speak now, I think of his cock in my throat. It has left an imprint.

I absolutely agree with Lucas about throat cunting. Like Lucas, I can still feel certain cocks I’ve sucked in my throat.

Needless to say, I was so thrilled by what I learned about King Phillip from his former faggot that I simply had to reach out and see if he’d be willing to talk to me on the phone (I just had to hear him speak!).

Much to my surprise, he was willing to call me!

So he called. First thing he said to me: “Put my number in your phone as ‘King Phillip’, faggot.” PURE HEAVEN.

We talked for about an hour, and everything Lucas described above is completely accurate. King Phillip speaks in precise, direct ways with faggots, a manner that works like fag hypnosis. He is supremely confident and dangerously intelligent. If I were a less-disciplined faggot, I might’ve been tempted to unlock my cage and try to masturbate – THAT’S his effect on the faggot mind.

King Phillip is an astounding find. He perfectly encapsulates everything that is unique and godly about Apex Alphas. The deep impression he left in his former faggot is proof enough of that.

I thank King Phillip and his former faggot Lucas for sharing their experiences. They are living evidence of the phrase HIERARCHY IS TRUTH!