How can anyone resist Master Max (@MasterMaxWorld)?

I’ve often called him the Willy Wonka of domination. Here’s another reason why.

Master Max has been in the scene for years and he’s amassed a huge following around the world. He makes a lot of money, so much so that he has hired personal assistants to handle his massive online reach.

But ultimately, it’s his huge heart and personality that draws subs and faggots to him. He’s that bright candle in a dark room, one that gives the lonely some comfort.

What Master Max did for Charlie goes beyond anything he needed to do. Charlie just wanted a chance to be with the Master he loves, and Master Max knows this. But it’s the bright, warm heart in the Man that moved him to give Charlie some gifts.

When I talk about Protector Alphas, I’m talking about Men like Master Max.

Other Alphas and Doms in the findom scene have a lot to learn from this true straight Master!