This thread follows the story of Alpha Cody, a powerful straight college Alpha who has learned to use faggots for his own advantage. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

You would not believe the emails.

Since my first report on Master Cody last week, he and I have been engaged in an electrifying email conversation that covered so much of his rise to Apex Alphahood and his use of both females and faggots so far in his life. Master Cody has an engaging “voice” as a writer, and he isn’t shy about going into great detail. Hell, he’s even humble on occasion. All I know is I couldn’t wait for his next response.

You wouldn’t believe these emails … so I’m going to share them with you.

Here’s Master Cody discussing his first use of a faggot:

So, I was always an active kid but I hated team sports where we had to work together. It never ended well because I did things my way, other kids got pissed, fights broke out. My parents got me into swimming first then running. That’s where I really took off. But I started getting bored. I was good. So, at 12, I got to upgrade to the high school team. These guys were fucking assholes. They really started picking on me and playing on my innocence. I hadn’t even jerked off. We shared 3 to 4 in a hotel room sometimes. I got “taught” how to do it. Honestly, had it not been for my swim prowess there’s no telling how bad things would get with them. Hazing was just an expectation. But I was accepted. And a lot of what I became came from that environment. I’d go back to my school and I just wasn’t like anyone else. They allowed me to get lettered. There was no JV swim team.

You can say I either went uphill or downhill from there. I hated being held back by my age and school. They finally let me start taking high school math in 8th grade. I was a hybrid student. That’s when I met this dork in freshmen algebra. He would suck my dick. It didn’t take much work. All he would talk about was oral sex. Some of the other swim team dudes saw him talking to me. I shrugged it off and said he was a fag, but not in the gay sense (yet). I said that all he talks about is sucking dick. But he made it sound like something done to him. They laughed and said he’d probably suck mine if I let him. I took that literally and I have a feeling they meant it that way.

But I became an even bigger asshole because I didn’t want to be associated with him. I just wanted him to keep getting me off. I wasn’t nice at all to him. Looking back that was bad. I’m a prick.

Then Master Cody began to fuck girls and, eventually, faggots:

The fag was a freshmen. I was the only 8th grader allowed to skip math. He was the first male. Girls were interesting. Like I mentioned, I was high energy but really innocent. I had a girlfriend, Katie, from 8th to 10th. We were precious. She was also my first kiss. My parents were up for tenure so I was left alone a lot. After I “learned” what an orgasm was in that hotel we lost our virginities to each other. My parents went to a conference. I didn’t have to stay at my grandparents (thank god) like my brother and sister. So, she made up some bullshit about going to her friend’s house to spend the night. Her friend totally vouched for her too. And she came and stayed with me instead. Not really my most “alpha” moment, I guess. Way too lovey dovey. Maybe a protector.

Unfortunately, by 10th grade I was such an unbearable asshole so she broke up with me. My teammates were sneaking me into their parties and, when I didn’t look like a little boy anymore, girls were not shy around me. One of the things that saved a lot of the openly gay dudes, other than being in Atlanta, was the fact that I loved their attention. If I acted cool with them then nobody fucked with them. But they were a different breed from the shy, awkward ones. Those are the ones I’d throw my jockstrap in their face in the locker room, or I’d prop up on or touch them like I was just being friendly to watch them get uncomfortable. I sneak up behind and just lightly grab at their ass loosely with my fingers. I didn’t physically bully because guys who did that usually got suspended or expelled. But it’s harder to catch sexual harassment. And it wasn’t like they were going to report it. Once they were alone and cornered I just had to make sure they understood I wasn’t going to beat the shit out of them. Sometimes all that was required was gently guiding them to their knees and unzipping. Then they knew I was serious.

As far as fucking goes, it was actually one of the openly gay guys first, Mattias. This might punch holes in my “straight” perception. He actually did track and field with me. It was a party. There were drugs, pills, alcohol you name it. He had ectasy. He didn’t tell me he mixed it with his dad’s viagra. It was a large house out in Buckhead which is a really wealthy suburb here. Everything hit me. He came back to me and asked how it was. He was pretty loosened up and taking way more chances with me than normal. I told him to follow me. We found the first bedroom with a lockable door. I don’t think he saw it coming. I pushed him against the wall and kissed him. It was a rush of tearing each other’s clothes off. It was definitely the gayest sex I’ve ever had. And of course we were cuddled up in the morning. No regrets though. I felt tired but decent that morning. Apparently, whatever I had done combined with Ex left him almost unable to function. Though I’m pretty sure he had used before and had more than I did. We didn’t talk for 2 days. He was way more worried about what happened than I was. He was afraid I would see it as him drugging me. I was the one who initiated it. Even now he still says he was the luckiest faggot (his word) at Sprayberry (our school) to be the one who actually got to have me completely.

I didn’t fuck another guy until I was here at the university. But that was just me using a hole. I don’t know what Mattias was. I’m not surprised that I did it though.

Then our conversation moved to the ownership of faggots:

I don’t know about the ownership thing. It just seems too extra for me. I train early in the morning and then I’m usually occupied in class from 8-2 or 3. I feel like a live-in would just be in the way. Everybody’s different but I don’t like too much worship. I mean some of it comes off as natural but I don’t need it beyond that.

And I hate to say it, but I only want them to get off. Too many act dumb, flaky, and weak. There are probably 7 fags in the dorm but only 3 are reliable. The only one whose voice I can stand is the one music major I told you about. At least he’s interesting and I know getting into this music program is hard. The others will try to speak or say something flattering when they’re sucking my dick and I just tell them to keep it in their mouth.

Girls are the same way. My current girlfriend alone is fine. She wanted me to come hang out with her friends Saturday night. I was too tired physically and mentally for their shit. We’ve been through this before. Why won’t you hang out with my friends? Because they’re fucking retarded. She doesn’t like my friends either. Things are good between us but the thought of living with a girl is just as painful. She gets pissy and thinks I’ll cave in. I can honestly say I’ve never had a fight with a girl because I just shrug it off. Silent treatment? Okay, let me know when you’ve got this out of your system.

Another thing about live-ins/owning is that a lot of fags want me to fuck them. I don’t know what tips the scale to make me willing to fuck a guy. I don’t even let some of these guys make eye contact with me and I love eye contact when I’m gonna nut. And they want me to fuck them. What can I even say? You’re not at that level. I’ve tried this before. A guy who sucked me kept begging for me to fuck him. I thought it would be the same and agreed. I finally got in him and started smashing away for a minute and I quit. I pulled out. Like, sorry I’m not just not into this with you. It was sad to watch but he finally just dressed and left.

As far as girls are concerned, my current gf knows I’ve had guys suck my dick before. I didn’t tell her about Mattias because I still hang out with him and she would just get (more) jealous. She confessed one night that she’s turned on by the thought of another male sucking my dick. She never enjoyed sucking dick until she sucked mine, so she gets horny thinking I could get into a guy’s head the same way I did hers. Thing is now I want to make it happen. I guess she got in my head with that one.
A lot of guys will say that it’s better from a guy. It’s as good from a girl as you make her be. I’ll tell you about the time I had 2 girls do it to me in another message. If you get in the right part of their brain they’ll like it and want to do it more. They’re even open to suggestion when they’re in that daze.

Then Master Cody discussed breeding and the art of manipulation:

If I’m going to nut in someone, I need to want them in some way. I want to claim them. Even Mattias. It wasn’t sexual necessarily. He’s not my boyfriend. But he’s loyal and has a weird place in my life. Other guys I fucked usually did or said something to make me want to fuck them.

I like the power trip of a guy sucking my dick enough. I could force it, and sometimes I do, but watching a dude voluntarily do that is just magical.

So, girls and sucking cock. If they’re willing to do it, and their heart ain’t into it, I tell them what to do. They have way more fun when there’s gagging and it’s messy. That’s how my current gf was. She would do it like it was a chore. She never had a guy tell her how to do it well. They have way more fun and want to repeat. In a way it starts before this. Get them talking about something like their siblings, having kids, or something. Sometimes it goes down like this: oh I can’t stand being around kids, or I never want kids. Then you tell them you were surprised because they seemed more like the nice, nuturing type. It flips the switch and they start playing that role.

hen there are the girls who just won’t do it or who aren’t sure. One of my teammates taught me this. If you make them think they’re in control then it’s game on. What I say always varies. But they think I’m at their mercy once they start. Like I’m just powerless once my dick starts getting sucked. But nobody on their knees with a dick in their mouth is in control. Once they’re down there then I can start telling them how and watching them do it. All of this probably sounds evil. But I think deep down they’re just doing exactly what they really want.

Then Master Cody shared his views on fetishes:

I keep a pretty small circle. People do just naturally seem to want to know what I think is the best course of action. They leave certain decisions to me (this isn’t always enjoyable if I don’t care). More forceful guys do gravitate toward me because I won’t immediately act just to “do” something and run in circles. My classmates in my gen ed. classes seem to want my validation. Sports are interesting because, even tho I’m on a team, I like like competing alone. My brother likes team oriented shit like baseball.

Fetishes. I’m ashamed of my feet, so a big no on that one. I do like having my pits licked, girls or guys. Girls like when I’m sweaty just as much as the guys. I like it if they want to kiss or touch parts of my body. That has gotten close to my feet a few times with my calves. I don’t even understand that because it’s not like I have big burly calf muscles. I like to be watched while I’m fucking. Once I see a girl I want (or Mattias, apparently) it’s all about making her mine. The whole process of subduing them and breeding them is – I don’t have a word for it. I’m passionate and deliberate. Too much kink and talk would just feel too theatrical for what I like. I’ve actually known some guys grossed out by seeing their cum spilling out of a girl. I love it. I love how they can’t hold it in when they stand up. I like when they’re a little sore (nothing crazy) and still having contractions after. It’s emotional for some of them. I guess it sounds really vanilla but most of them say they’ve never been fucked like that before.

Can you see why I’m so smitten with Master Cody? He’s like a walking id, a raw Alpha Male with his switch permanently set to “on”. Yet, his obvious intelligence and self-deprecating wit is very charming as well. I can see why panties fly off around him.

I have been trying to find the right time to post Master Cody’s growing backlog of history, and that time has arrived. I just received a quick note from this young god that he finally got his resistant roommate to suck his dick! I’m awaiting the full update.

I cannot tell you how impressed I am by Master Cody. He is the complete package!