When I opened up a phone line for the website, I wasn’t sure if anyone would use it. I figured my voicemail would be filled with hateful and/or threatening messages about how I suck and how I’m a fake or a liar or a demon from hell. You know, like my email inbox.

However, that hasn’t happened (yet). Instead, I occasionally receive encouraging messages on the phone line. Now that I have a new phone dedicated to that line, I can actually access them properly and preserve them for times when I feel like giving up.

Here’s one I received following the recent flap on the site:

First of all, my faggot brother Brandon sounds delightfully adorable, doesn’t he?

I just appreciate the kindness of genuine faggots who get the truths I’m telling here and stand with me to support it. I never thought I’d have a faggot army serving beside me!

Thank you Brandon and all of my brothers around the world for your support!