This thread follows Jamie, a faggot who began service to a straight Alpha named Dino that has lasted 15 years and led to marriage. CLICK HERE for all posts in this thread in chronological order!

Easily one of the most electrifying true stories posted here over the last two years involved Master Dino, a dark and violent straight Apex Alpha, and a faggot named Jamie who taught him the true meaning of worship and eventually became Master Dino’s fag wife. Readers all around the world were inspired by Jamie’s brave and total submission to this God-Man, and Master Dino’s jaw-dropping letters were so intoxicatingly incendiary that they needed to have a warning label attached to them.

I have received probably one message a week since they went quiet a few months ago begging for more information about the pair. When we last left off, Master Dino had discovered that his teenage son Chad was also Alpha and subsequently allowed his faggot to service his son. That was one hell of a brutal way to stop a story of this magnitude! My readers (and I as well) were starving for more information.

There were scant details I would receive every so often. One thing I know about involved a tragedy in Master Dino’s family that caused him to lay low for a couple of months. Every so often Jamie would drop a note promising an update that would never come.

Well, it finally arrived, and it’s an incredible update!

Hey sam,  i have THE best ManGod ever! After the last few weeks (or months) i truly thought maybe my eternal positivity had gotten me in trouble. When the Master asked me if i’d be able to serve both He and His son until all Chad’s unfinished business was cleared away i chirped that it would be no problem at all. Always happy when I can do ANYTHING to please Daddy, i really didn’t consider it in detail. The consequences of that put a real strain on my body and brain. (Hehehe, there WERE many wonderful rewards for this happy yet worn faggot.)  But I truly am not a whining cunt. i just wanted to speak to the exhausted thing one last time.

The very day Chad moved into His new pad and His new life Daddy said, “Get 2 changes of clothes for us, and… oh yeah, c’mon over here.” He told me I had been a good boy, that i’d performed my duties above expectations, and then my owner told me He loved me more than He believed was possible. By this time i was on my knees hugging my God’s thigh while pressing my face against His crotch,  hoping to simply smell His AWESOME junk. He stroked my cheek a moment and then i heard the musical sound of His zipper and  He said, playfully, “Why don’t you empty My nuts, cunt.) God,i LOVE the way His nuts smell, the way His dick tastes, the way He makes me feel. Then He must’ve looked at a clock because He commanded me to hurry or we’d be late. For what i didn’t know but i quickly sped up sliding up to the head of His Manhood and down to the ‘root’, as He calls it. Then He cursed the fact that we were rushed and grabbed my hair. He pulled me off His pole, turned my head up toward Him and told me to ‘make Him cum–now.’ He was referring to the 2 things i can do for Him that will immediately force Him to pump his load into His cumhole. He only wants me to use those ‘tricks’ in an emergency so i wondered what was up as I positioned myself to administer the ‘treatment’. Within 30 seconds of my attention I felt His rockhard dick expand and grow just a tiny bit more and then came familiar pulsing of His dick as His thick yummy cum flooded my mouth and He fucking slammed His dick down my throat and held a death grip on my head as he fed His faggot’s body and nourished its soul. Of course, when i felt His first 2 ropes of cum hit the back of my throat this faggot started trembling and He made me orgasm, as He does almost every time His sacred seed is pumped into either of my holes.

Man, im sorry. i only meant to tell you i discovered that we were late to get the plane that took us to a tropical location where the ruler of my world ordered me to rest. Its been an amazing week. Daddy had hired a local couple as servants and neither of us had to do a thing except relax. Of course, because it is an essential of life to Daddy and to me, I was, happily, his daily (hehehe, or hourly) cum dump. Damn, i’m SO proud to be the receptacle of all His bodily fluids, ESPECIALLY His cum. And He did the sweetest thing. Daddy was determined that i should be as idle as possible, moving only when absolutely needed so He had arranged for a padded leather swing to be hung in a room so that He could fuck me and i wouldn’t have to move! He could flip me, raise and lower it for His comfort and he pampered me, spoiled me, fucked and filled me, and made sure i was comfortable, happy, and that my pussy and my ‘cocksuck’ were kept well supplied with His cum.

We are going home tomorrow, where my Savior tells me He has yet another surprise for His faggot fuckhole. He knows His possession. He knows I HATE leaving any decent beach so He’s done something else so leaving won’t be as much of a downer. i am loved and owned by THE greatest MAN to ever grace this world. Daddy is planning to tell you the rest of the Story of Chad before next week. I will say these weeks with Chad have been wonderful. Its only months away but the next son is 16 soon enough and the teaching, the service and guidance start all over again. Right now, in this moment and beyond all my focus and desire will be to serve ONLY my Husband and His desires, needs, and habits. i no longer need to divide my attentions or my energies. It’s nice being able to TOTALLY devote my mind and body to my Awesome God once more. BTW if my surprise at home is especially kicking, ill let you know what it is. Now i gotta go and ask my ManGod for several of those fluids mentioned above. i’ve really had a craving for His ball sweat. 

See ya brother!

faggot jamie 

From what I’ve come to know about Master Dino through his writings to me so far, this seems like a major leap forward! The attention to detail doesn’t surprise me at all, but the affection shown here for his property is absolutely breathtaking. Essentially, a straight Apex Alpha owes nothing to the faggots he owns, so Master Dino needed to do nothing for Jamie after months of tireless service. BUT HE DID IT ANYWAY.

I cannot imagine the high Jamie feels right now after being treated like a princess in a tropical paradise by a god-like superhuman Apex predator like Master Dino! What an undeserved privilege!

Thank you to my brother Jamie for this most memorable update!