Anybody who has followed this site for a couple of years knows how much I adore Master @AlphaAesthetic8. I followed him in the findom scene from the very beginning, when he had a different account. I knew from the first second I heard him speak that there was something very special about him.

I pestered him constantly, insistently trying to get him to open up. He eventually did, but it was clear that he meant what he was saying in those days – he wanted nothing to do with faggots except to take their money. Since I wasn’t paying, he barely paid me any attention.

That never stopped me from worshiping him with my words across this site and social media. I just knew what I was looking at – an absolute straight Apex Alpha with unlimited potential with faggots.

Then he disappeared for more than half a year.

When he re-emerged, there was a dynamic new purpose in his words and his eyes. He looked like he was coming for the WORLD, something that I know is not beyond him.

In just a few short months he’s amassed a huge audience of faggot slaves eager to grant him everything.

But today this findom god made the announcement above. A couple of his faggots have gotten credit cards registered in his name that they will be paying off every month!

You see the fiery glint in his eyes? That is the look of a Man salivating to sink his teeth deep into the neck of the scene and suck it dry. He is HUNGRY, and his power is obviously surging within him. He wants more; more faggots, more submission, more control. He wants to own faggots now!

It’s everything I imagined in him from his first words. And it never ceases to amaze me.