The following is an ongoing series of questions from Turkish Alpha, a 36-year-old straight married Alpha who has recently discovered the glories of faggot worship. You can access all of these by CLICKING HERE.

I love Turkish Alpha. I don’t hear from him often, but when I do, it’s usually something phenomenal.

Like this question he recently asked of me:

Hi Sam, been a while.
Something I didn’t think would ever happen happened. I fell for a faggot. Not as in i am in love with him kinda “fell.” More like, this fag is so good and obedient and good looking and SERVES SO PERFECTLY, I really can not stand going for other so-so fags.
Damn even writing this makes me feel uneasy. I never ever waited for a fag to text / call me first until this one. I need to fuck a hole, I call one up from my list of servants. I feel like having my cum eaten, I call a cum eater. I feel like having my feet kissed before having a shoulder massage, I tell one of my fags to be ready “tonight”. Having a wife and all, I usually don’t even check my messages from faggots constantly asking me if i need to use them, I don’t spend a minute replying their pleas of servitude. I call them when the “urge” comes and forget about them until it comes again.
This fag. I want him to call me. I want him to BEG me everyday. I want to use him everyday. He does not know this, but I never rejected him so far. I fucked him 6 times, 4 of which he asked me if i can. I played the cool guy, -“yeah maybe if i have time, we’ll see” – but the second he wrote, I knew I was going to his place as soon as possible. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?
I feel “the urge” -slap, spit on, choke and rage fuck a lesser man- for two days now and I don’t want to use any other faggots. I am waiting for this superbfag (you should see how he licks every single drop of my cum from my feet with a smile on his face). I know he would gladly serve me if i asked him now, but I want him to ask me. Last time he wrote – “I think I’m addicted to your cum, can you feed me today” and they made me.. I don’t want to admit it but. that made me happy. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!
Also, I never thought about caging a fag before -that’s not really a thing in Turkey- and was seeing that as an unnecessary fantasy of some sort when I saw your posts about caging. But I find myself imagining caging this faggot, and that makes me both rock hard and extremely happy. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! AM I HAVING A CRUSH ON THIS FAGGOT?

It’s certainly terrifying to a straight Alpha to experience warm affection for a faggot. The whole “am I now gay?” question haunts their mind. You might remember straight Master Matt panicking about that very issue recently as well.

Here’s how I responded to Turkish Alpha’s dilemma:

My Turkish King! It is so wonderful to hear from you Master!!

No, you’re not in love with this faggot, Master. You’ve simply found a faggot compatible with your needs and personality, that’s all. This faggot is exceptional, and you own it completely.

Look at it this way, Master: a Man can own a lot of luxury cars and really enjoy them, but there’s always that one car he just loves more than the others. Its form is pleasing, it accelerates better than the others, and handles corners with ease. He’s not “in love” with that car simply because he loves it more than the rest. It’s simply his most prized possession.

This wonderful faggot is your most prized possession. You enjoy using it with wonder in your heart. You want it to enjoy being used by you (and express that) as much as you enjoy using it. None of this means you’re now a gay Alpha or that you’re “switching teams.” You aren’t. You’re still a straight Alpha, Master.

You’ve just taken ownership of your new favorite possession, and it pleases you beyond your wildest dreams. Enjoy the worship and the euphoria of this new arrangement, Master, and leave worries behind!

I really hope my words bring him some comfort, because I really have great affection for this amazing STRAIGHT Alpha! Thank you Master!