Boy, I’ve been getting a lot of experiences and questions about shit-eating lately. I wonder what’s going on with my SEO … LOL.

Masters and their faggots can have almost any kind of service-oriented relationship imaginable. It’s much more varied than heterosexual situations, and ultimately can be much more satisfying.

But here’s the problem: sometimes one of the two can want something so extreme that the other person simply cannot comply. For instance, Master Jordan Fox said he wants to murder faggots on-camera. Well, I’m sure that virtually 100% of faggots would not voluntarily comply with such a wish.

Shit eating is not murder, of course, but it generally ranks high on a list of most unpleasant service requests by an Alpha. Yes, I know there are some avid shit eating faggots in my audience – please spare me the lectures. In general, your average dedicated faggot isn’t going to want to eat human shit morning, noon, and night. That’s a fact of life.

So if a Master wants his faggot to start eating his shit and the faggot really struggles to perform this task, what should happen?

I ask this important question because I received an intriguing question in my inbox from a Master regarding a loyal, long-term faggot who simply cannot stomach shit-eating.


I have always wanted to talk about this with people that understand and I recently found this community. This is gonna be long but I’ve never talked about this before. Here is some backstory into me. I have always know that I was an alpha male even when I was very young. I remember being able to sense that I was superior to some of the other boys in school.

I started getting my dick sucked by a faggot when I was in 8th grade and I have been consistently serviced by this faggot since then. I’m 22 now but it served me all the way through high school and still after graduation and during college. I was serviced by it very often during high school. A single day did not pass that I didn’t jizz in its mouth, down its throat, or on its faggot face. It would pick me up from football practice and then suck me off at my house before I showered. It would suck and lick the sweat off my nutsack and then I would fuck its face. I thought it was really stupid to give it the mercy of taking a shower first when it was just going to make a mess when I gagged it on my cock.

The relationship continued to morph and I eventually raped the faggot. It had begged me to stop but I didn’t feel guilty. It was just a sense I had that it was inferior to me and I deserved the pleasure I was feeling. Faggot ended up thanking me for not stopping and I started to fuck it all the time. After we graduated things cooled off and it was more of an occasional thing.

When we started meeting up more recently I was more into expressing dominance over it so the faggot would understand that it is beneath me and that I don’t respect it. I began pissing on it every time we would meet up. If we were chilling and I need to pee I would tell fag to get on its knees. I would then whip my cock out and piss all over it and in its mouth so fag could swallow it. It was so fucking hilarious. It would literally beg me to piss in its mouth again. I figure if something is so pathetic that it get on its knees to get pissed on it deserves it. I really enjoy relieving myself in it and it’s nice not wasting water or dirtying the toilet. It’s just so pathetic how the faggots drops to his knees so I can fuck it’s face and jizz where I please, bends over to get fucked, and begs to drink my piss. There is no way I could ever respect a fag and I truly believe it exist to serve me.

The backstory is important to my question so you can understand how I dominate my faggot in all aspects. My question is about something that happened the other day that I do not feel bad about but I suppose could be over the line. I was thinking of new ways to degrade it because it was starting to enjoy my piss too much. I put everything that comes out of my body into my faggot with the exception of my shit and I’ve seen other men online talk about how much they enjoy shitting on a faggots face. I decided I was gonna try it so I texted the fag and told it my plan. Fag immediately showed some resistance to the idea which made me a little angry. I told it that it needed to come to my place regardless of what it wanted to do which it agreed to. When it got there I had it suck my cock for a while. I took it to the bathroom and told it to lay on the floor. It was begging for me not to take a dump on it and I was really just blocking it out and doing what needed to be done. I pissed on its face and then I squatted over its face and told it to open his mouth. It surprisingly did. I started shitting and the first turd went straight into its mouth and fag immediately started to gag but I kept going and all of a sudden my shit started to flow and I dropped the fast dump on its face. It’s mouth was full and there was a huge pile coming off it’s face. I was dying of laughter it was the greatest thing I’ve done. It felt so right seeing a worthless fag with a steaming pile of my shit on its face. I wanted to see it swallow some instead of just laying there gagging so I told it to start eating some if it was grateful. It did swallow a good portion but then threw it all up. I let it clean up and leave.

The faggot texted me later saying he felt “uncomfortable” with what happened. I pretty much told it that as a faggot it was worthless and that it should be grateful that I allowed it to taste my shit and consume my waste. I honestly feel completely valid in what I said because IT IS A FAGGOT. I expressed the selfishness of how it was acting especially with how frequently I allow it to suck my cock and make me orgasm. So then that night fag texted me and said that after thinking about it and it was sorry for its action and that it would always be grateful for anything that comes from my body. I told fag that I wanted to take a dump in its mouth again before work the next morning. It showed up in the morning and I eased fag into it by pissing in its mouth first. I told it to lay on his back again with its mouth open and I started shitting again. Faggot was gagging and choking on my shit and more just kept coming out. It was fucking awesome. I felt like a god getting a dumb faggot to eat my shit twice. I was so proud of myself and I felt like I had truly done the right thing for my faggot. It truly deserves to get its face shit on whenever I say.

Having said all of this is it ethical to take frequent dumps on/in my faggot. I texted faggot today that my cock has to be sucked and that I’m probably gonna defecate on him again. I really want this to be a very regular thing but I can tell my faggot hates it. It just feels right to watch it choke on my shit knowing it’ll probably beg for more lol. I’m not really bothered by how it feels about it but I was curious for outside input? I really enjoy it and I see myself using it as a full time toilet. If any other alphas haven’t tried this I highly recommend. 

First of all, it’s pretty clear that this young Alpha is VERY naturally dominant. After all, these things have all occurred without any outside input – they just came into his mind as an extension of his natural dominance. I find this fascinating, of course, as it proves (once again) the truth of Hierarchy.

However, I had some concerns over the course this unnamed Master seemed to be charting. So I answered him this way:

Master, thank you for writing to me!
Thank you for the extensive information about you and your faggot, Master. It sounds like you have really enjoyed many years of quality service from this faggot. Ask any Man, and he will tell you that it’s hard to maintain a good faggot for many years as you have. It’s a compliment to your power and your faggot’s humility that this has continued almost daily for so long.
Let’s face it – eating shit is not an easy thing to do. It’s also very messy, especially if the faggot is unable to stomach it. Is this really how you want to take every shit from now on Master? Is this such a make-or-break issue for you that you’d discard a quality faggot (or lose it) because it can’t/won’t eat your shit?
Sometimes we need to make compromises in order to receive the most return on our investment, Master. I understand that you wouldn’t be be getting 100% of what you want and expect, but 99% is still pretty good. Can you do without shitting in its mouth? Is there a compromise (like having it wipe you spotlessly clean after you shit)? These are questions only you can answer, Master.
Ultimately, I just want you to be happy and to be able to keep and enjoy this faggot you have spent so much time owning, training, and using. I hope you will consider this advice, Master.

Every Master must choose for himself what is really important in order for him to feel fulfilled. If shit eating is the only thing this Master must have to be fulfilled, then he’s probably going to need to find another faggot. Maybe he can keep this one for other service, but clearly this one can’t go all the way.

I just think it would be a shame for this Master to toss away years of training and dedicated service because the faggot simply couldn’t handle eating shit. Maybe it’s my own bias speaking here, but I don’t think I’m wrong.

What do you think?