My post about Ahmed was heartbreaking for me. There’s always this desperation I feel hanging over me when dealing with overwhelming issues like this.

That’s why I love when Protector Alphas like Master Mark (an Alpha I’ve come to know on Snapchat) step in with words of support:

My heart broke reading about Ahmed. If there is anything we can do to get him out of there I want to help. Money, helping arrange refugee/asylum status in a safe country, whatever it may be. No one should ever have to go through that ordeal. I use faggots and I love feminine ones the best, but I would never ever hurt them. Fuck these so-called ‘men’. They are cowards and cunts and if I ever meet one they better hope there’s a hospital nearby.

It’s impossible to not love Alphas like Master Mark. Simply put, Men like him are the greatest Men to walk the Earth. They are the reason we faggots are inclined to serve and worship in the first place!

Thank you Master Mark and all other Protector Alphas around the world!