This is a thread following an extraordinary 21-year-old straight Alpha named Eric and the enslavement of his friend Nick. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

This is part three of a three-part series of articles.

After my excited email of rejoicing over Alpha Eric’s face-fucking of his (former) friend Nick, I wondered what he would think about my encouragement to fuck his new faggot. Fortunately my answer (sort of ) arrived the next day:

I think I can be okay with this. 

What about the situation with his girl?  I do think he cares for her.  If I fuck him there’s no way he’ll be able to fuck her again.  I know that sounds insane and like I’m full of myself but it’s true.  My girl once told me that she’d never be able to cheat because she feels like she got put through a cross-fit session 3/4ths of the time. 

I’ve seen her faggot brother even look a little afraid.  As I mentioned, he broke it off with his boyfriend because he was trying to be the top when he cheated with me.  Sometimes I laugh until I snort when I imagine him trying to penetrate anything.

Alpha Eric was worried about Nick’s relationship with his girlfriend?? I was apoplectic. I couldn’t type a response fast enough:


None of that surprises or shocks me. Alphas like you are typically incredible fucks that totally destroy females and faggots forever. They are the unforgettable ones, the Men who own us forever.

I can’t believe you are concerned about his relationship with his girlfriend. I guess it’s a testament to your inherent goodness, Master. Here’s the thing you’re overlooking: his relationship is a sham. He’s misleading her every time he pretends to be a Man.

She’s heading for a fall, eventually. It might as well be now before they get married and have kids and then it explodes. I’ve seen these situations firsthand, and they are often sad. So many needless lies and regrets.
Better that you take ownership of Nick and breed him, Master. Not only will you increase in power Hierarchically, but you will give Nate the opportunity to experience the freedom of fulfillment.

So feel no regret. You are performing your duty as a King in our world, Master. Follow your instincts and you’ll know what to do.
sam the faggot

I meant every word of that email. It is offensive that Nick has been lying to this girl with his embarrassing masquerade of Manhood. And don’t get me wrong – I was guilty of the very same thing until a powerful Alpha forced me to accept the truth. Therefore, I know what is right in natural Hierarchy, and what Men need to do about these kinds of situations.

Alpha Eric needed to fuck away all of the lies and deception.

The next day Alpha Eric gave me his answer: “I’m going to fuck him later today.”

To add more encouragement, I wrote this to him:

Thank you for taking up this Kingly duty! As the Protector Alpha you are, it is your Hierarchical duty to correct errors like this. 

Alphas should be the leaders they were born to be.
Faggots should be the cock slaves they were born to be.

You remember the scenario I laid out, right? I really think you need to get in his head and force him to understand his proper place, Master. He was born to worship Alphas like you. Make him kiss your feet and tell you “Thank you, Sir.”

For inspiration, watch this: You might want to tell him to be cleaned out when he arrives.
You are going to restore order, Master. 

I’ve never been prouder of an Alpha than I am today of you, Master!

Later that night, I received this email from Alpha Eric confirming that he had, indeed, restored order in the Hierarchy:

This took a little longer but I’m amazed how early in the day it still is. I told my little brother and nephew I’d take them turkey hunting this morning. They like to learn from the best. We didn’t get shit tho.

Afterward we split. I had my brother drive my nephew back to our older brother’s house.  I went straight to Nick’s.  I was already amped up from stalking one of the hardest birds to sneak up on.

I don’t remember everything I said. But I know told him that he was first going to suck my dick then I was going to fuck him.  I thought he would resist more.  He didn’t say anything and got down on his knees.  I was already hard.  I made him suck and lick my balls first.  He was slow at first but started getting a little hungrier.  I made him look up at me.  When I was finished pushing his head down and making him gag and puke a little I made him do it himself while looking up at me.  There was so much spit it even had my balls soaked.  He held his head there on his own effort looking up, neck flexing from gagging, spit going out the sides of his mouth.  He didn’t break until I told him to.  His neck and throat are going to hurt like hell.

Then came the fun part.  He started resisting a little.  I reached my hand down the back of his shorts and started grazing his ass crack with my fingers.  It was a pitiful sight.  I asked him if he had any lubricant.  He had Vaseline.  I told him to go get it.  But I got him totally naked first so he wouldn’t try to escape. 

I made him go doggy.  I wouldn’t dignify that with missionary.  I thought I was pretty gentle going in.  I guess the thought of it was scary enough to him.  Sometimes I wouldn’t have anything but the head in and he’d be crying out.  I finally broke through the worst part.  I made him back his ass up on the rest of it.  All. The. Way. Down.  To my balls. 

His skin jiggled.  Thighs clapped.  It was like an earthquake.  I pushed him down flat and laid on top of him.  Put my forearm around his neck.  It was brutal.  For him.  He’d lay limp but I’d make him squirm just for my amusement.  I’d use my other hand to slap at his face if I didn’t think he was trying hard enough to get away.  All his might and he was just stuck there shaking. 

I cum so hard it hurt my cock.  I had him bear hugged when I cum so tight it’s a wonder I didn’t crush his ribs.  He got in the fetal position when I got off him and I saw his own little pool of jizz on the comforter. 

I washed my dick. Used the bathroom.  Put my hunting clothes back on.  We didn’t say a word before I went out the door. 

Since then I’ve been home.  The girlfriend’s got something slow cooking.  I did some target practice with a bow with my nephew to help him get his skills up.  He finally got some good shots in.  I gave him his kudos.  I have thought a little about what happened.  The girlfriend thinks I seem really relaxed.  I worried maybe I went too far.  

He no shit texted me and thanked me.  He was a little funny about how much he was hurting.  I did message back and ask him if he was okay – I mean, I don’t want him calling the cops on me and my DNA is probably all over his taint by now.  But he used the phrase that he was at peace.  I don’t know what to make of that.  I hope he’s not suicidal or anything.  I mean, despite everything, I wouldn’t want him to hurt himself.

Anyway, that’s that.  I’ll see how it goes from here. 

I just want to highlight these two thoughts from Nick after being rutted by an Alpha God for the first time:

“He thanked me” and he said “he was at peace.”

This is what an Alpha does for a faggot when he uses it aggressively, almost violently, and breeds it deeply. An Alpha’s rut obliterates any false pretenses of Manhood and forces the faggot to embrace its truth. Its purpose.

What Alpha Eric did to his former friend Nick is the same thing Alphas have done to subjugate faggots since the beginning of time. It is the ultimate power one Man has over other, lesser males.

So now Alpha Eric has completed the transformation of his friend through the power of his cock and the force of his rut. He has given permission to Nick to be the thing nature intended him to be all along.

And by breeding Nick’s pussy, Alpha Eric has taken ownership of his former friend!

Hierarchy Is Truth!