A Story From Natural Hung Bull

@natural-hung-bull on Tumblr is one of the most amazing Alpha Males I’ve ever come to know. A mature straight Bull, he has morphed into an omnisexual Alpha Predator who voraciously consumes faggots as lustily as he does females. The following is his work of art, which I reprint in his honor.

My mood today, this is such a turn on. I’m using my sub Andy toy. Maybe this is how we will start…

Just like this.

Just back from pumping my sub faggot Andy full of cum.

He’s training for a marathon so he’s in great shape. And yoga keeps him limber for me. I arrived and after he undressed me and held my soft dick as I too a long satisfying piss, I layed on my back in the center of his queen sized bed, hands behind my head and closed my eyes. I didn’t have to move for over 30 min while he feasted on his Alpha. Pits, chest, toes, thighs, neck, all cleansed by a grateful fag. Urveing the complete male animal laying almost asleep on his bed. Hands everywhere. My cock and Bull nutts lubed and sucked and stroked and edged and worshipped.

Then hovered his body over mine, locked my fat cock between his lean muscular thighs, close to his groin, and stroked my cock with his body. Only using his legs. I have a ton of experience, but I’ve never experienced that. So good. He said it felt like a tree beach between his legs. I almost came, the way he slowly pumped his body above mine, licking my pits and chest in the process. I almost came multiple times. So slow, the edging torture.

Eventually, I flopped his 170bls body Around and fucked Him senseless like a rag doll until I came. A toe curling everyone in the building must have heard (him) type of orgasm. Actually,I’m kinda quiet when I cum. But the fags I fuck, SOOOO LOUD…

Just like this.



Being owned like andy toy by @Natural-Hung-Bull is EVERY FAGGOT’S WETTEST DREAM.

I can only imagine what it would feel like to have his massive, thick flesh log lodged in my hole and feel it pulse as he floods my fag pussy. To be pregnant with his God Seed – that is the summit of faggot existence.

I love you, Master. 


sam the faggot