I haven’t disguised my love of straight findom Master @AlphaAesthetics8 over the last couple of years. He’s intelligent, insightful, inquisitive, and confident.

He returned to the findom scene with a renewed sense of purpose and an eye on the actual ownership of faggots.

Of course, much more is involved in owning faggots in real life as opposed to online. One such concept that is probably foreign to straight Alphas is the idea of “subspace”.

It’s defined loosely this way:

That is what Master speaks of in the video above.

I wrote to him as a follow-up:

Master, this is excellent! I’m proud of you for exploring some of the things faggots go through when submitting to you!

Subspace is extraordinarily powerful. The faggot becomes lost, powerless, desperate, and totally dependent upon the Alpha’s guidance.

Aftercare is equally important. It cements the bond between the Alpha and faggot, and reassures the faggot that the intensity of the experience was worthwhile and safe.

I don’t know if you hold a woman and comfort her after you fuck her roughly, but it’s a similar thing with your faggots (even though it’s mostly virtual).

If you ever move to ownership of personal faggots, aftercare would be important for training.

I love that straight Alphas like him are reaching out and learning new skills!