I feel sorry for straight Men who are married. They are literally lions in cages, desperate to hunt.

But it’s not just marriage that creates that cage around them. It’s also the perception that their only option is to find another female to use to express their inner dominance. They refuse to consider using a faggot for such relief out of fear of social stigma or feelings of shame. They’ve been taught by society that male-on-male sex is filthy and disgusting.

I’ve always railed against that notion for obvious reasons, but now I’m beginning to see how this societal limitation is actually a test, a hurdle over which only truly Alpha Males can leap. It’s like how sheep can be kept in a pen with a fence they can easily leap over, yet they remain in the pen. So it is with married straight beta males who stay within the safe confines of their societally-approved pen.

But Alphas do not stay in the pen. Why? Because POWER cannot be contained, and those seeking true power want power over ALL, not just an approved group.

So we might view married straight Alpha Males as sheep in the pen. Which ones are Alpha? The ones that leap over the fence and begin to use faggots for worship! These Men demonstrate Alphahood by their refusal to accept limitations on their pleasure and on their power!

They are Men who take anything they want whenever they want, societal expectations be damned!

When viewed Hierarchically, we can see this test of Alphahood quite clearly. Many Men – most Men – fail it. But it exists to separate the wheat from the chaff.