The following is an ongoing series of questions from Turkish Alpha, a 38-year-old straight married Alpha who has recently discovered the glories of faggot worship. You can access all of these by CLICKING HERE

It’s been over a year-and-a-half since I last heard from Turkish Alpha, the married, straight Alpha who has been enjoying the worship of faggots in Turkey for the last couple of years. I always slightly worry about any Alphas and faggots I encounter in the Middle East when I don’t hear from them for a while, even given that Turkey is the most “progressive” country technically in the Middle East.

He returned to this time to provide a cute little tip for his straight married Alpha brothers around the world:

Hi faggot, long time no see ( I got over the faggot i kinda had an obsession with. Bitch is begging me for a dicking every two days and i don’t even reply him anymore haha). I just wanted to give my married fag-owner buddies a little tip that I did not see on this site before (though I’m sure some alphas do this by instinct): make the little faggots kiss your wedding ring. Drives them crazy. While they are gorging on your dick, hair pull and make them kiss your wedding ring. They will get in trance and suck it for ETERNITY unless you stop them. Their eyes roll with pleasure like they are being cunted. Funny thing to watch.  

I’ve honestly never heard of an Alpha making a faggot kiss his wedding ring before, and that seems like a fairly bizarre reaction to the privilege. I wonder if the faggots react that way because of the humiliation aspect of the act (“kiss the ring you’ll never have, faggot”). No clue.

I’m curious what Master Natural Hung Bull thinks about this as a humiliation technique or if he’s tried it on his stable of faggots. Time to fire off an email, methinks!

I thank Turkish Alpha for the tip! Hopefully next time I’ll get the whole thing!