This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Apex Alpha Jin, a straight Korean Alpha who discovered that his roommate Chin is a faggot and took ownership of the faggot’s life. Since then, he has mentored straight Apex Alphas Nick and Matt in their journey of faggot ownership.  CLICK HERE for all relevant posts in chronological order!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to feature Master Jin on the site. He’s been busy working long hours at the hospital while battling the ongoing COVID pandemic in Montreal and handling his faggots Chin and Alex when he has the chance. In between all of that Master Jin has been able to start dating a new girl as well. He’s busy, but like all great Alphas, he’s able to handle the load.

But of course, even gods need a break. So Master Jin very recently had the idea to rent a large cottage in Montreal for a week of well-earned vacation, and he invited Masters Nick and Matt and all of their faggots to come there to stay with him and his fags for the week!

Can you imagine these three insatiable Masters spending a week with their seven faggots? Imagine the incredible amounts of service and worship these gods will receive, so many nights filled with the screams of cunted faggots, heavy sighs of pleasure, and gallons of cum!

Sounds like a dream come true for any Alpha or faggot!

It’s a gorgeous place, too. Check out the pics:


Once Master Matt found out the trip would be coming up so quickly, he stepped up his initiation program with his new faggot Tommy, cunting him last night about 1-2 weeks sooner than normal. Why? Because he wanted to get his new faggot cunted so that it could be used by his brother Alphas during the vacation, of course!

Said Master Matt:

Got Tommy cunted last night. Yes it went very well. Was a 15 min rut and I could see it happen before my eyes. It was good but he is a screamer. I am quite experienced at cunting faggots now. I plan on getting my PHD in faggot cunting.

Very cute! If only they did give out such degrees! Master Matt would be a Nobel Laureate!

Little Tommy was apoplectic:

OMG YES! It was out of this world! It felt like Matt’s big cock was touching my heart! Sam being cunted is emotional roller coaster! I really am a faggot … I wish I could have Matt’s babies!

As Master Matt was cunting Tommy he was telling him, “You’re my faggot now.” The perfect mind-control!


When Master Jin first came up with the plan to rent the cottage for the week, Master Nick asked Master Jin if he could bring his girlfriend along on the trip.

Let that sink in for a second.

Over the last couple of months things have been bad between Master Nick and I, primarily due to the stress of this unnamed girlfriend has been causing in his life. I’ve only had a couple of terse, very brief conversations with him over the last four months. I tried to give him space to figure things out even though it was killing me inside to not be able to speak to the Alpha for whom I went into chastity.

But when I heard about this, I blew a gasket. I didn’t realize Master Nick’s brain had short-circuited over this girlfriend to such a serious degree. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to understand that you don’t bring a girlfriend to a cottage vacation designed for faggot-fucking. Hell, a guy flipping hamburgers at fucking McDonald’s could tell you that!

So I had this conversation with Master Nick:

Master, I must ask – are you okay?

Yes all is okay thanks

Well I was asking because I was told you asked Master Jin if you could bring your girlfriend to the cottage vacation. I thought maybe you had fallen down and hit your head or had a stroke or something, because that sounds like the single dumbest question of all time.

Yes looking back now it was a stupid question

Yes it really was. I’m not accustomed to you being that far out of it. No pussy is that good that you should lose your common sense to that degree.

Yes I got it

You can hear the hypnotized, robotic nature of his responses. I’ve had more impactful conversations with people in comas.

Anyway, I thought that the crisis was averted, but now Master Nick said he is not going to the cottage on Friday with Master Matt, instead remaining home to be with the girlfriend over the weekend and joining everybody at the cottage next Tuesday.

Let me just say this: I am really saddened and disgusted by Master Nick’s response here. This is EMBARRASSING. What APEX ALPHA tucks tail and cowers to the will of a female??

Master Jin was angry and hurt by Master Nick’s cuck-like choice. Here Master Jin rented this entire place with his own money in order to provide a post-COVID vacation for their Hierarchical family, and Master Nick can’t tear himself away from a slippery two-inch gash between the legs of his bitch.

Or maybe I should call her his Master.

I am humiliated to be wearing the chastity cage of a “Master” like this. He should be wearing a chastity cage if he’s going to act like this. Let me put it this way: his faggots have showed more courage and bravery than he is here. They submitted to him and allowed themselves to be caged by him, giving up their freedoms forever, and he can’t stand up to a girl for even one week.

It turns my stomach.


Rather than allow Master Nick’s two faggots (Yul and Ollie) to be abandoned for days alone before being able to join their brothers and other Masters, Master Matt stood up LIKE THE GREAT PROTECTOR ALPHA HE HAS BECOME and decided to rent a bus to take the entire gang to the cottage together!

That’s what a fucking MAN does!

In my mind, this is nothing more than insult to injury for Master Nick. This is like a drunkard needing another Man to take care of his own kids. Pathetic.

I’m so grateful to my beloved Master Matt for standing up for what is right!


Where do things go from here? I don’t know if Master Nick can pull out of this free-fall tailspin. His brain isn’t working and his will seems broken.

But how can his faggots respect an Alpha who no longer takes his responsibilities as a Man seriously? How can the Apex Alpha to whom they submitted be squared with the shrinking, weak, and confused figure they see today?

All I know is this: Master Nick began to create the kind of life that most Alphas would trade anything to have, and he’s throwing it away because of a piece of pussy.

Meanwhile Masters Jin and Matt forge ahead courageously, not allowing any distraction to subvert the greater plans for their lives.

And they are the ones who deserve a vacation of glory.