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Events are moving rapidly in Master Matthew’s rise to power!

As I was writing the last update I was receiving new texts from him describing new developments with his faggot and the faggot’s boyfriend, as well as providing new encouragements. Honestly, it’s been thrilling!

So it seems that Master Matthew has taken my advice and accepted the free trip to Turks and Caicos with the faggot and its boyfriend.

Yes after some more thinking I’ve decided that it is what I want. My ego is telling me that although I might not need it, I want the status of owning two faggots and want to experience the control I have on them. Plus two weeks in paradise being waited on, is too good to pass.

Like I said previously I’m not keen on always hanging about with a fag couple though, so considering whether I say I’ll only come with a friend? Or perhaps could tell them that I’ll bring my sons, so I can hang with them in the day. Would be a great treat for them, although not sure about taking them out of school etc…

I was a bit surprised by Master Matthew’s willingness to involve his sons in a trip with his new faggot. But Master Matthew corrected me on that:

I was just thinking to have some company with me whilst on holiday, and thought it would be great opportunity for some good dad time. My sons are young and have been over a couple of times when my faggot has been here working for me. To them, he an employee who serves me. They thought it was great, we had some quality time whilst someone cleared up all our mess, cooked for us etc. We could just focus on having fun. If all goes as planned, that’s what im thinking for this holiday? Unless I go solo or take along a lady.

I didn’t realize he had already integrated the faggot into his life to that extent, which (to me) exudes confidence and power.

So when Master Matthew made his decision, another development happened:

My faggot was so excited about the prospect of me coming though. After dinner last night, I had him lick my ass and he was up there for about an hour. Felt quite good to just demand it and him lick my ass. The first time happened slowly and by inference but last night I just told him, and boy did he go to town!

This is a major turning point in the development of Master Matthew’s Apex Alphahood! And it had an immediate and profound effect on him:

Oh to your point about rimming… I feel like a GOD.

The first time I let my faggot do it, I was more subtle. Basically, he brought breakfast in bed, he was rubbing my feet and I had quite a bit of gas (you remember he’s a bit obsessed with my farts)… so I give him permission to sniff and he spends forever down there whilst I eat my breakfast. Not only does he sniff, but takes the opportunity to drench my briefs with his saliva. After eating I needed a shit so got up and you could literally see through my drench boxers. So afterward, I just put them for laundry and climb back in, and he took the que to indulge himself.. and boy did he!

Now I literally say “FAGGOT, get here and clean my ass” and of course he comes running or crawling like a little pup. The power trip is something else!

This power trip is making Master Matthew reconsider a few other things, like the status of the faggot’s boyfriend.

One thing I’ve been thinking about the holiday is that I want to own the boyfriend for the long run, if I am going to. Don’t want it to be just for the holiday for example. Although inferior to me, I get the impression that he has control in their relationship, but particularly financially as he is the one with the money… turns out my fancy gifts had be funded from his wealth, so naturally got my eye on the prize! It is quite staggering to me that it’s taken me so long to realise the power I have and why I hadn’t been utilising it before. The separation and living alone have been completely eye opening and transformed my life for the better. I could have never imagined living like this… words can’t describe, I live like a KING and feel like a GOD. This is the real life. Just frustrating that I realised my birth right a bit late… I should have been using my power long before now.

Fortunately Master Matthew has discovered this Real Life while still in his prime!

So Master Matthew set his eyes on taking control of the boyfriend.

Yes that’s fair to say. I’m going to speak with the boyfriend today to let him know I’m taking him up on his offer if the holiday. Any hints or tips to know if he is going to submit to me… keen to know whether I’m going to own him too.

So I advised him, and he went to work right away.

I’m going to speak with the boyfriend today to let him know I’m taking him up on his offer if the holiday. Any hints or tips to know if he is going to submit to me… keen to know whether I’m going to own him too. He’s going to drop over my faggot this evening, so should see him in person.

I was a little surprised that Master Matthew was missing the obvious: he already owned the boyfriend. I mean, the boyfriend is hand-delivering his partner to this straight Apex Alpha so that it can serve as his faggot. Sounds like ownership to me!

So I advised Master Matthew to make both the faggot and its cuck boyfriend to kneel before him while he told them his expectations.

It worked:

Well my faggot was hand delivered to me today by the boyfriend. I invited them in…He was such a fumbling goon, clearly intimidated by me, he went on for ages trying to ask if I’d please considered whether to go on their holiday or if he might cancel. Then I told them to get on their knees and my faggot did but he didn’t. I just said “you too” and he was down on his knees like a puppy. I said I’d go and laid down some rules. You should’ve seen their faces, if they’d had tails they we wagging like crazy!! Anyway he’s gone to book my flights. A couple of weeks in paradise being treated like a king… here I come!

So amazing!

But then Master Matthew said something that opened the door for another conversation.

Felt so good to have the pair of them kneeling before me. The boyfriend is almost twice my age and there he is submitting to me, unbelievable. Now just got to think what I’m going to do with the pair of them.

Given that Master Matthew just had both of them on their knees for him, I began to tell him about what Alpha cum does to control faggots. I also began to tell him how using his faggots like Fleshlights isn’t gay just like having his ass rimmed isn’t gay.

He began to think about that.

Ok, I must admit, when he was licking my ass the other day, I was so incredibly hard and horny and a part of me was thinking to just fuck the living daylights out of his face. I’ve been wit a LOT of women who know how to suck dick , but you’re making me curious. What I’m most interested in is whether I could get my pair of faggots to suck me together. Never experienced that.

I told him they would absolutely do that.

Mmm… got to make that a reality. Indeed…so the boyfriend is over later too! I told my faggot to get him over to do the housework together. Really thinking to make this double throat fucking a reality.

Stay tuned!