This thread follows straight Master Dino, an Apex Alpha who took ownership of a faggot named Jamie that has lasted 15 years and led to marriage. CLICK HERE for all posts in this thread in chronological order!

I have long ago learned to stop doubting the overwhelming power of Master Dino. His insatiable and unapologetic use of both females and faggots has led to a lifetime of incredible moments, including the grooming of three Alpha sons and a faggot son. He’s been aided by his incredibly-loyal fag-wife Jamie for many years now.

They’re currently living a blessed life drenched in worship of Manhood and Apex Masculinity.

However, Master Dino recently related an incredible story so mind-boggling that it actually led me to insinuate that Master Dino was lying to me. Boy, did I regret that!

To set this up, let me explain something first. Those Hierarchy Unequals bracelets have been stalled for some time, but I wanted to try and mail a couple to figure out what it might cost to ship all of the orders. So I sent Jamie and little Jimmy two bracelets as a “thank you” for their willingness to share their lives on the site and for Master Dino’s agreement to an interview.

I didn’t really expect anything to happen from it. Master Dino and his clan are notoriously private people (honestly, it’s shocking that they ever agreed to be chronicled here), so I wasn’t sure if the bracelet would serve its desired function (to advertise that the wearer is a faggot).

Boy, was I wrong. Here’s Master Dino:

faggot,  I wanted you to know about another strange and interesting slice of Alpha life. Storms and floods knocked out everything in the mountainous area (no need to mention the state) we’ve been visiting-electricity, internet, cable, etc… We have several generators for just such occurrences and for winter as well.  After several days of nothing to do but fuck and be worshipped the faggots were exhausted and We Men were roaming the halls naked, roaring with pride, searching another room in which to create yet another scene of sodomy and SOMEWHAT vanilla debauchery. (I’m not Satan but He is a close relative. Ha!) On the 5th day the faggots were washing each other after bathing their Gods. jamies collar and its and jimmys faggot bracelets were lying beside the tub for their re-christening with Mine and Dean’s piss, respectively. All was well and happy. Then as the 1st splash of my piss hit jamies bracelet I heard a big truck coming up the mountain. Without baptizing its collar i let it have one good gulp before zipping up and in jeans alone and still wet from My bath i opened the door to a state line/repair man who, amazed that after 5 days we still had generators running, told me he was repairing an electrical problem at a substation. It was the only other thing on the mountain after My place.

We talked about 20 minutes and after he admitted he’d be working til 6 or so I invited him to stop for a beer or maybe something to eat on his way down the mount. It was only 10 a.m. and he’d impressed Me with some of his ideas of government and life in general. He thought the ‘retreat’ for My boys and teaching them to be Men out in the ‘wilds’ was unheard of for ‘city’ people but understood because I “sound like you might be from around here.” He left after saying he’d be back if he, “got around to it.” I told everyone we might have a visitor later, for an hour or so. I also told jamie and the boys to be cool while dude was here. I knew jimmy would gratefully hide in his little bed of Dean and Joe’s dirty clothes and jamie would adopt her ‘servant’ persona.

I’d about given up on Dan, dude’s name, when I heard the truck lumbering down the road. It stopped and he knocked. We sat in the loving room. jamie, dressed exactly as it should be, enter and asked if we’d like a drink. After 2 beers I’d talked him into some 70 year old brandy I had in the cellar. I knew jamie would cry if I made her go into the admittedly cavernous group of dimly lit rooms under the house so I excused myself and went to get the bottle.

What exactly happened while I was gone I can only guess but when I got back as I opened the door I heard Him say, “Is Dino your Master, faggot?” with jamie before Him on its knees. I asked WTF? ” You got faggots brother?” Dan asked. I said yes and told Him this particular faggot was also My prize and My wife to which he replied, “Sorry man, I didn’t mean to disrespect You or Your property. I saw its bracelet I didn’t know but I heard about faggot wives and I tell ya I guess you got a more peaceful life with a good faggot.”

Stop here. I mean … WHAT THE FUCK?!? The bracelet gave this random Alpha the idea to try and take control of Jamie! Incredible!

Believe me … the shock doesn’t stop there:

I laughed and accepted His apology. I asked how a 40something mountain Man had knowledge of faggots and he said, “First let Me ask You, all your boys Alphas?” I told Him yeah, all but one that’s on it’s way to becoming a top shelf faggot.” I yelled for jimmy and it raced into the room. Dan’s eyes twinkled and it was obvious jimmy made His dick jump.

Dan asked Me to join Him outside. Walking to his truck/van He threw open the back to reveal 2 cute faggots snuggled under blankets with various pieces of what I assumed were Dan’s dirty underwear and socks clutched to their faces. Dan said, “Could you and your boys do with some company for a while? I can call the office and tell ’em this Goddamned job may take 2 or 3 days up here before I’m done.” I told Him We could probably stand having ‘company’ for a while and slapped His back as He unlocked the fresh-to Me-holes and ordered them to get on their knees and bow to another Alpha God. He patted one’s head and said it’d kill puppies for Alpha spit and launched a fucking loogie dead center of the faggots open cocksuck. I felt My pole tingle and puff up a bit and said,” Yeah, My cumhole is the same.

As We entered the house I said maybe We should eat the dinner jamie made because, “I think We’re gonna need the energy My new brother. Hahaha”. Needless to say they stayed 3 days, barely eating, sleeping even less and giving the boys new holes to fill and conquer. Wasn’t exactly a bad time for this God either. Ha! Oh, you faggots. I’ve said it before, this goddamned world would be a whole lot duller without you dirty whores existing on and for Our semen.

So apparently this Alpha Dan had brought his two faggots along on his workday up into the mountain, and happened to run across a fellow Alpha and his house full of Alpha sons and faggots!

And the FUCKING UNEQUALS BRACELET made it happen!

Like I said at the outset, I didn’t believe a story this, well, unbelievable. However, it is apparently true. And it is a doozy of a true story.

However, I’ve come to accept that extraordinary Alphas lead extraordinary lives and experience extraordinary events.

Master Dino and his clan are most extraordinary!