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Uh, hey. This is an update from the 15 year old faggot from earlier. Except I’m not the faggot, I’m Michal, his alpha owner. He told me today to look around this site and gave me his phone to ask a question. So here I am. First of all, I have to thank you for having this site. If it wasn’t for this, my faggot probably would not have known his place in the world and would have not became my property. Now I have my own faggot serving me everyday! I must say thank you for teaching my faggot a lesson! Now he gets on all fours when I’m near him. It’s good to have this much power over him. I find it incredible how I started off as his “bully” but ended up conquering him. I remember his parents came to me once after he complained that I was teasing him and said that I would never win in life with what I was doing. If only they could see what happened to their “son” now. Him being my personal faggot bitch and all. I’m the one who ended up winning, and he was the one who ended up losing. I guess you could say I won our little rivalry. He lost completely of course, he is my property now. Just knowing that I won makes me smirk at his face so much. What’s better is that he can’t do anything about it but serve me. I just love being an alpha. I can’t imagine being the faggot who has to submit to a real man. That’s hot. Anyway I continued to use my faggot even throughout the weekend. This time I breed him like he was a little girl. He definitely sounded like one when I was railing him. I listened to your latest podcast about breeding faggots, and I must say a lot of it resonated with my experience. While I was breeding my property, he seemed to lose more and more of his manhood with each thrust. After I bummed into him, I just could not see him as a real man anymore. And neither could he! I asked if he still left-leaning like a real man and he said “absolutely not, especially not after you made me your bitch.” So ya I think I eradicated his manhood. That’s something else for me to smirk at his face about >:).  He also definitely seemed to become far more docile and a little bit more feminine. He also seems to become more receptive to my cum. He is definitely addicted to it. He shows absolutely no resistance when near me, I can just have my way with him as I please. I have definitely been using this to push him on all fours, mounting him, and dry bumping him. I’m just doing this to remind his place in the hierarchy and to remind him that I am the one with the cock in this relationship. Definitely seems to be working on the faggot. Plus I see him letting his tongue out and moaning when I do it. I know he enjoys being put in his place by a real man. I’ll be enjoying this pathetic excuse of a “man” for the rest of the year >:). I have to ask you a question so here I go. Why do “bully’s” like me always win against pathetic faggots like my property? I’ve been winning against him every single day after he became my faggot. I think he has accepted that he will never be seen as a man again. Which I think is amazing. He knows his place when near me. Hell he is even sucking my cock as I write this right now. God I love being the alpha. Thank you so much for teaching my faggot that it’s life is to serve me! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have this adorable faggot gagging on my cock whenever I please! I’ll make sure to use my faggot every day from now on.

Sir, thank you so much for writing to me!
This is an unexpected turn of events, but quite welcome! I very rarely hear from the Alphas affected (benefited) by my teaching here, so your input is most welcome! 
I’m guessing you are the same age as the faggot in question, Sir? If so, then you will be able to own and use that faggot for the next couple of years if you’d like, which I’m sure you will find most convenient Alphas at your age have massive needs to unload all the time, and having a faggot around will certainly be useful.
While I have you here, Sir, please let me impart some information to you, okay? First of all, I know you’ve been described as an Alpha bully. Many Alphas your age are like that, very cruel and destructive. I’m not going to ask you to curb that desire you might have, Sir, because I understand that it is a natural part of young Manhood.
But I do ask that you think about your faggot like a good dog that you care about and serves a purpose in your life. Your faggot can be loyal like that dog. And, like a dog, your faggot only wants to please you and be near you. You can do all of the rough sexual stuff you want to do to your faggot, of course, but a “good boy” or “good faggot” from you goes a long way, I promise. 
This is your opportunity to shine as a truly powerful Alpha, Sir. You can train and build a faggot that perfectly obeys and pleases you properly, one that will be a credit to you and your Alphahood. Does that make any sense, Sir? 
It’s a balancing act. On one hand, you want to show some affection toward your faggot so that it doesn’t give out or become overly frustrated/discouraged, but you still need to keep some separation between you and the faggot. After all, you are a Man. It’s likely that you will want to fuck/date females, or perhaps own more than one faggot … keeping the faggot at arm’s length prevents it from getting jealous or causing problems. I hope you understand, Sir.
Now, to answer your direct question – you keep winning over the faggot because Nature made you superior to your faggot. Faggots are born with a deep need to serve superior Males like you. In fact, it’s all we really know for sure in our lives. Just like you have this tremendous need to dominate and be worshiped, faggots have the opposite need to submit and worship. 
Faggots have existed since the first Man dominated another male and forced that male into submission. We faggots served your gladiator Alpha ancestors in the Roman army, and we have served the Kings of your Alpha lineage like Alexander the Great. You have inherited your Alphahood from a long line of the greatest Men in the Hierarchy. You were born a King, Sir! You should be proud, and you should carry yourself like a King.
Meanwhile, your faggot has the privilege of serving you. And that is glory enough, believe me. He was born to serve, and service brings him fulfillment. As much as you love being an Alpha, your faggot loves being owned by you!  
I am so very glad that you are embracing your Alphahood, Sir! I think you will find that the world opens up to Alphas when they accept this incredible gift given to them by Nature! 
Thank you again for writing to me, Sir!