This is the extraordinary story of 17-year-old straight Alpha Kyle, son of a 51-year-old married Alpha named Sir Rob who is grooming his Alpha son to own and use faggots. CLICK HERE to read these posts in chronological order!

I’ve had a few incredible messages over the course of five years running this site. But I don’t know if any rattled the cages of my readership quite like THIS QUESTION (CLICK HERE) did several days ago. In it, a 51-year-old married Alpha father was writing in to ask what I thought about introducing his straight 17-year-old Alpha son to the use of faggots.

After wholeheartedly encouraging this idea, I practically begged this Alpha father to keep in touch with me regarding the progress of the situation. Then I held my breath, hoping it was real.

In the ensuing days, multiple people approached me about this anonymous question, telling me it was too good to be true. It HAD to be fake, they insisted. A couple questioned my veracity and hinted that I was too gullible. I’m an experienced faggot, so I’ve seen enough crazy shit to know that this kind of thing is possible. Still, I started doubting myself.

Then the Alpha father contacted me! And then he had his Alpha son contact me! And now I can report that these two Alpha GODS are very much real and exceed even my wildest expectations!

The Alpha father’s name is Sir Rob. During my brief introduction to Him, I learned that he had just had the talk about faggots with his Alpha son. Sir Rob said this:

“I talked to him about having fags, what it meant for Men, all of that and he really understood well. I think he was a little excited too. I asked him if he wanted me to find him a fag for his first sub and he agreed. He told me he still had some questions to ask a fag so he should message you too.”

I must tell you – reading that direct statement from a bold Alpha like Sir Rob nearly made me pass out!

But nothing could prepare me for my conversation the following day with his 17-year-old Alpha son, Alpha Kyle. For the sake of completeness, here is the entire text conversation:


You can absolutely hear that Alpha “tone” in the way Alpha Kyle speaks. He tosses off casual admissions like “I am a god” and “I am a king” like they should be understood already.

Imagine having that kind of power and self-possession at that age!

Just talking to him reminded me of a conversation I had with my first Alpha (also at age 17) about the fact that he enslaved me as his personal cocksucker. He shrugged his shoulders and asked, “eh, what were you going to do about it?” I just remember feeling like prey when he said that.

So will that faggot tomorrow afternoon when it finds itself in the clutches of young Alpha Kyle! I have a feeling that faggot is going to be pounded so hard and so mercilessly that it’ll be wobbling when it walks, leaving a crooked trail of leaking Alpha jizz on the ground behind it!

I just want to thank Sir Rob for his wisdom! And I especially thank Alpha Kyle for his thoughtfulness and his inquisitiveness!

Faggots, we have a new god to worship! Kneel before your great new King, Alpha Kyle!