This is the extraordinary story of 17-year-old straight Alpha Kyle, son of a 51-year-old married Alpha named Sir Rob who is grooming his Alpha son to own and use faggots. CLICK HERE to read these posts in chronological order!

Just when you think Master Kyle cannot shatter any more expectations, he goes and not only shatters those expectations, but he pulverizes them into a fine dust and blows them away!

As I’ve been telling you, the primary goal Master Kyle had when he started boning the hot wife next door (and cucking her husband in spectacular fashion) was to impregnate her. She was childless, and her hapless half-man of a husband wasn’t able to put a child into her womb. Additionally, Master Kyle was eager to flex the power of his genetically-superior seed.

So Master Kyle spent the last few weeks pumping an ungodly amount of Alpha cum deep in her pussy. breeding was happening almost daily.

And now, it’s official! Earth has a new prince or princess!


Prince Samuel has a nice ring to it! JUST KIDDING!

Here’s how he told me today:

Then he proceeded to tell me what happened when he found out:

So yesterday I had the cuck go out and buy a pregnancy test (btw he said (to the cashier) what I told him to say, that his wife is having my kid … apparently the cashier said “no surprise to me” lol.) While we waited for the results I made the cuck suck my dick. When she got out and I saw the positive, I just jumped on her and started fucking. We had a real fuckfest of a celebration. My dad (Sir Rob) came by for a bit and we fucked her pussy together.

After that we both cunted the sissy cuck for the first time! I fucked all night!


He said the wife was ecstatic with joy, crying uncontrollably when she wasn’t getting her brains fucked out.

As for the cuck, he experienced a true cunting by the most powerful Alpha father and son combo on earth. Master Kyle said the cuck passed out a couple of times as they completely removed the last traces of its Manhood.

The only semi-sad aspect of this story is the fact that the couple will be moving away in a couple of months, so Master Kyle will not be there day-to-day to check on the progress of his first child (of many to come). But you can be rest assured that this infinitely powerful young Alpha will keep a close watch from afar to make sure his cuck slave is raising the child correctly!

May I remind you that Master Kyle is still only 17 years old?!?

This site and my life changed dramatically when Master Kyle and his father Sir Rob introduced themselves. It has been the exquisite privilege of my little fag life to not only come to know them, but also to take part in the development of Earth’s new Apex Alpha God!

And now he’s creating the next generation of superhumans, one powerful cumshot at a time!

Congratulations to my beloved Master Kyle for this greatest of achievements, and also to proudest poppa Sir Rob! They are my Kings, and I am their faggot.

I’ve never been prouder to serve as a faggot than I am today!