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It all started with a question from a 22-year-old Alpha named John.

Thx fag. I found your site a little bit ago, I very much like it. Helps me enjoy fucking faggots even more actually.. I’m a pretty dominant guy and it may not be a very alpha thing to ask you but I will anyway. Is it “ok” to kind of invite a fag over under different pretenses than he expects, and then just pretty much do what I want with him? I don’t want to hurt him but I do want to fuck the shit out of him.

Of course I told Alpha John that his idea was perfectly fine and that Men have been doing that since the dawn of time.

I see. Sucks to be him then. But he likes it I think. I really don’t want to hurt him but sometimes I think about him underneath me in bed and I wanna fucking annihilate him. Sometimes I even wanna hear him scream. But I think he’d ultimately appreciate the “cunting” – word I heard on your site, ha. I’ve come to love using some faggots so far and fucking their brains out.

I asked Alpha John about his history with faggots.

I’m from Texas . I had bred guys before but finding your site almost heightened the excitement. Like this thing in me saying “yes , go ahead, destroy it” that kind of thing. I’m not extremely experienced since I’m younger myself but I’m getting there ha. What I’ve easily observed is that faggots love when I know who I am. And they respond to it. Well. Everything in life loves it when I’m sure of myself. If that makes sense. A couple years ago, like I said I haven’t been using them forever but there’ve been a couple standouts- one time earlier I remember well was when I was actually nervous but I did meet up with him . I got there and he was in jeans a jockstrap , we get on the bed and he starts sucking me. After a while I was board Bc that didn’t get me off what I told him I wanted was to be able to thrust. So I pull out the big buttplug he had inside his cunt. His pussy was like velvet to my dick. Back then I was still asking faggots questions, so I whispered where do you want me to cum. And , of course, he answered you can cum wherever you want. So obviously I bred him deep. It was awesome, and I knew he was a faggot bc he really wanted to be sure I put the plug back in so I wouldn’t drip out of him. I slapped on the ass and we got dressed, I went on to church,(I’m not kidding), and he went to hang out with his friends with my load deep up in him. He later asked me to come back and do it again bc that time he wanted to see how I tasted, ha. See. Now these days I’d cum in them , and then have it leak out their asshole onto my dick and they can “taste” me from there , ha. But that’s maybe when I started figuring out the dynamic in my own way.

This is truly how Alphas begin. They follow their predatory instinct, and then it grows more powerful as they realize there isn’t anything a faggot won’t do to please them!

Alpha John is remarkably articulate and thoughtful about his Alphahood, and he seems quite eager to learn and experiment more with the possibilities of faggot use and ownership!