Alpha Keys To Domination: Choking

Have you ever watched a mother cat move her kittens from one location to another? She places her mouth around the back of the kitten’s neck and gently lifts the kitten off of the ground. 

And something extraordinary happens. The kitten instinctively curls up and goes limp while dangling in the grasp of its mother’s teeth. A very similar behavior occurs in most mammalian species.


Like these species, humans are mammals that have developed this submissive trigger in their necks. Scientists have noted that infants respond to a hand around the back of the neck much like a kitten safely nestled in its mother’s jaws. 

So it’s really no surprise that a strong hand around a person’s throat would have such a similarly powerful effect during sexual encounters. The move at once triggers a submissive instinct in the person being choked, and gives the choker a sense of dominance that few other sexual maneuvers can create.

With the application of a firm hand around the neck, an Alpha can quickly induce a deep level of submissiveness in a faggot or a female. The faggot’s limbs weaken, its resistance lowered as it gives in to the unyielding hand around its neck. Tightening of the grip causes flashes of fear, which can be useful in training exercises.

Any Alpha wishing to truly take command of a submissive servant or slave should really integrate choking as a vital part of his dominance. The move reinforces the sub’s place in relation to the Alpha, but it also increases the pleasure the Alpha receives from it. If an Alpha wants wants submission and loyalty from a submissive, choking will go far to imprint those values into the mind of the submissive and make the submissive surrender to the will and the needs of the Alpha.

And that is, after all, the desired result of this form of sexuality – the fulfillment of Alpha needs. So choke a faggot and make it serve you as King. Choke a faggot and take what’s rightfully yours!