So this morning I ended up in a rather animated Kik discussion with a remarkable Alpha who called himself Kobi regarding a video I posted at the end of September. The post on the main site is called “Psychosis, Not Alpha.” It is largely centered around two videos of an Alpha violently whipping and slapping and choking a faggot.

You can go to the post by clicking here.

I was quite harsh in my criticism of these two videos, ultimately calling the behavior unworthy of Alphas.

Alpha Kobi vehemently disagreed with me.

I took all of Alpha Kobi’s arguments with me on Kik and placed them in a comment to that post.

As an exercise, I’d like for you guys to go to that post and read Kobi’s defense of the violence in those videos. Perhaps engage with him there, or add your comments here. I’d rather them be on the main site, however, so that I can preserve your thoughts for future Alphas and faggots to ponder.

I think this is an important topic to discuss.

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