This thread follows the story of Alpha Parker, an Apex Alpha in a long-term monogamous relationship who has suddenly discovered his true power over faggots. CLICK HERE for all of these posts in chronological order!

Sometimes life and circumstances bury us, hiding even our most basic instincts from ourselves.

In my time with this blog, I’ve encountered many Alphas who needed help realizing the truth of what they are after being emotionally locked away due to childhood trauma, struggles with addiction, or heartbreak. It’s crushing for a faggot like me to see Alphas in this state. It’s like seeing lions in cages at the zoo staring vacantly into the distance and barely remembering the power they have.

I met an extraordinary Alpha several weeks ago named Alpha Parker. He had been watching me on my various platforms from afar for a while before finally introducing himself to me. Once we started talking, it became instantly apparent that he understood Hierarchy and his place in it with such depth and profound reverence that I was taken aback. I don’t think I’ve heard an Alpha speak on these topics with such precision and confidence since legendary Apex Alpha Sir Titus graced this blog.

But the deeper I went into his mind and heart about his great Alphahood, the sadder I became. You see, Alpha Parker has been in a committed gay relationship for many years, and he has remained faithful to his partner the whole time. All I could see was a cage closing in around Alpha Parker just like those lions in the illustration above.

Even more painful were the stories Alpha Parker shared about faggots he encountered in his everyday life who trembled at his good looks, muscular, gym-worked body, and blazing confidence. He loved the flirtatiousness and the attention of the faggots, but he just wouldn’t take them.

Then Alpha Parker told me about a repairman who came to his house. He greeted the repairman in a tight muscle shirt and shorts that showed off the outline of his big dick. Alpha Parker enjoyed watching the repairman fumble nervously in his presence, so obviously wanting to worship the god standing there. Yet Alpha Parker allowed the faggot repairman to leave without using it.

This incident led to a long discussion between us about what Alphas really do for faggots when they use them. In short, when Alphas use a faggot, they unlock the truth of the faggot’s purpose and fulfill it. This very intricate conversation formed the backbone of Hierarchy Podcast #68 (CLICK HERE).

The pure logic of that conversation stirred something in Alpha Parker’s soul. He started thinking about the power he obviously had over faggots, a power that was being smothered by honoring monogamy. So today Alpha Parker decided that he was going to start asserting his Alpha privilege on the faggots he encountered during the day!

After his morning workout at the gym, an unwashed Alpha Parker drove to a print shop to pick up paper. He knew a faggot employee at the store that had always flirted with him. When Alpha Parker strode into the store, the faggot was behind the counter trembling with excitement as usual. Alpha Parker walked up to the counter with his paper.

“Is there anything else I can help you with today?” asked the faggot courteously.

Alpha Parker looked it directly in the eyes. “Yes, I need you to take care of me right now, in the back of the store or somewhere.”

Without hesitation, the faggot dropped what it was doing and led Alpha Parker to the back bathroom. Alpha Parker got in the stall, and the faggot followed. Immediately the faggot was on its knees and Alpha Parker’s big dick was in its throat. Alpha Parker put one foot on the toilet and proceeded to throat fuck the faggot until he came down its throat, the faggot swallowing every drop. Then Alpha Parker zipped up, took his paper, and left.

But he wasn’t done. He knew of a little faggot at a clothing store not far away. This petite faggot always flirted with Alpha Parker, tempting him several times to break his monogamy. Today would be the day the faggot had to pay up.

Alpha Parker walked into the store and the faggot, as usual, perked up. It bounced over to him.

Without missing a beat, Alpha Parker said, “I need you to blow me now. We need to go to the back and take care of this.”

The faggot immediately ordered its co-worker to handle the front of the store while it led Alpha Parker to a back office. There the faggot dropped to its knees and swallowed Alpha Parker’s dick while he leaned against a desk. It didn’t take long before Alpha Parker shot a load down its throat, the faggot eagerly swallowing it all. Alpha Parker zipped up, patted the faggot on the shoulders, and left.

But Alpha Parker still wasn’t done.

He went to a grocery store where he knew of a black cart boy who always seemed preoccupied by him whenever he came to the store. After searching the lot, he found the faggot working. He walked up and towered over it.

“I need you to take care of me,” said Alpha Parker directly, “follow me to my car.”

The faggot followed Alpha Parker to the car, and Alpha Parker ordered the faggot to get in the front seat. There he pulled out his dick and the faggot began frantically sucking it. Eventually, Alpha Parker pumped a load down its throat, and every drop was savored. Then Alpha Parker told the faggot to get back to work and he left.

When I talked to Alpha Parker afterward, he was in a daze. He was overwhelmed by the sheer power of his Alphahood and what he could do with it. He was stunned into silence by the fact that, with some Alpha boldness, faggots will literally do everything he commands.

And with that electrifying revelation came the sad realization that he could’ve and should’ve been living like this for years already. All of the missed opportunities swirled in his mind.

But now is no time for regret. The lion inside of Alpha Parker has been set free, and it is hungry! He has vowed to start fulfilling his Hierarchical purpose as an Apex Alpha predator and forcing faggots to submit to him so that both he and they can be fulfilled. He realizes that, through his use of them, he unlocks the truth of their faghood for them. And that’s a great gift to bestow on any confused faggot!

For any Alphas reading this, please learn from Alpha Parker’s example! You can literally walk up to any faggot you meet and get it to submit to you in whatever way you want. Its nature calls for it to obey, its soul craves the commands of Men.

By doing so, you are doing more than satisfying your own needs as an Alpha. You are also helping a faggot realize and accept what it was born to be.

It is your Hierarchical duty to fulfill this important task!