I’ve come to a new milestone in my life in regard to sex. You guys know me. I’ve never been particularly fond of condoms. I prefer my sex bareback and get a kick out of having some dude’s DNA in me at any given time. However, I’ve started to question why exactly I enjoy this. I’ve ruled out self-punishment theories and I honestly don’t get a thrill out of the risk, especially now that I know I’m HIV immune. The only explanation I can come up with (and I think it’s true) is grounded in evolutionary psychology. At its core, sex is designed to serve a reproductive purpose via the transmission of bodily fluid from one person to another. In this transfer of fluid, the two bodies connect and form a bond of trust. The two people have a connection grounded upon the transfer of semen and that, my friends, is what sex is all about. What does this mean for gay sex? While sex between two men implicitly cannot serve a reproductive purpose, I believe the hardwiring of the reproductive imperative is still the basis for intercourse, even if the energy thereof is not directed in such a way that results in reproduction. Men engaging each other sexually still search for the bond the comes with reproductive intercourse. Whether you’re making love to your boyfriend after a romantic evening or you’re the 14th top in a gangbang, gay men establish the reproductive bond upon the transfer of semen. That’s why I believe condoms are a perversion of sex not only between men but in all circumstances. The moment the rubber enters a body, sex becomes shallow because the connection is lost. Whether I’m seeing a client or fucking for pleasure, the goal is to establish a connection. As of now, I refuse to ever have sex with a condom again, on entirely moral grounds.

The natural exchange of fluid – a trust connection

I like what @thecollegecumdump says about the purpose and the connection that comes with sex. I have always said to my bottom boys (and to my friends also) that when a guy requests a top to wear a rubber, he is basically telling him: “I don’t trust you, but I still want to get fucked by you.”  

I refuse to fuck a guy who doesn’t trust me, and I won’t fuck a guy I don’t trust.

For many bottoms, their
thinking about condoms is solely based on fear and brainwashing from
their environment or from a prudish, religious and conformist backgroud.

As thecollegecumdump puts it:

In this transfer of fluid, the two bodies connect and form a bond of
trust. The two people have a connection grounded upon the transfer of
semen and that, my friends, is what sex is all about.

There comes a time when there should be trust between 2 (or more) people who will fuck together. For some guys, it takes several weeks, for some slut whores, it takes 5 minutes [or even less sometime] but there should be trust… otherwise, don’t fuck. I certainly don’t.

I have used rubbers in the past, but I prefer situations when there is a mutual bond of trust when I can remove the condom and fuck my boy bareback.

So, kuddo for @thecollegecumdump for going on a limb to express his views regarding condoms, and his new milestone.

SIR Alpha C.

As @thecollegecumdump said, a deep connection happens when a Man ejaculates into a bottom. The Man’s semen contains potent chemicals that help “claim” the bottom and increase his subservience.

However, @alpha4goodboi makes a claim that a bottom prefers to use condoms “solely based on fear and brainwashing from their environment” as if using condoms is necessarily a bad thing.

This is an incredibly thoughtless and irresponsible comment on a public forum.

It’s very easy for a Man to say something like this since he isn’t the one taking a load up his ass. For bottoms, there is a very real threat of multiple nasty diseases, some fatal. This threat isn’t some imaginary horror story conjured by “evil society” to scare people. No, these diseases really exist and continue to wreak havoc in many societies, costing millions of lives and trillions of dollars.

No offense, but bottoms don’t need medical advice from any Man who is unwilling to take a load up his own ass. A Man telling a bottom they should let go of their fear and bareback carries almost no risk for the Man, but it could be life or death for the bottom.

A foolish and embarrassing comment from a Man who should know better.