The infamous Kayden Godly and his ever-present feet.

Anyone familiar with the findom scene over the last few years has probably come across a young, muscular Alpha named Kayden Godly. He began his life in findom as a teenage bodybuilder who went by the name Kayden Sweets (terrible finDom name). Almost immediately, his arrogance and confrontational style earned him enemies in the scene. He was booted off of several platforms, then disappeared for quite a while.

He then emerged as Kayden Godly. But this time, he wasn’t alone. Interspersed between the requisite foot videos and poppers training videos were curious videos featuring straight Alpha friends of Kayden (each one with the word “Godly” behind their name). They were a kind of Alpha Pack in findom, maybe the first of such groupings that I’ve ever seen in the findom world.

These videos were so curious because Kayden would feature his straight Alpha friends having contact with various faggots in the flesh. Often, these straight Alphas would do surprisingly sexual things with these faggots. Kayden was always lurking in the background, but never really engaging in the sex play his Alpha buddies were doing with the helpless faggot. Honestly, these videos were some of the hottest things Kayden ever released.

I’m going through this history because Kayden released a short clip within the last two days that sheds a little bit of light on what’s really happening here. Watch the following video, and notice something Kayden says in the background to one of his Alpha friends:

“It’s that fuckin’ easy.”


I’ve always contended that the only roadblock to more widespread usage of faggots by straight Men is the initial fear and gay panic associated with it. But once straight Men use faggots – for cash, for sexual gratification, for aggression, for domestic service, for worship – they become addicted to the headrush of power that faggot worship gives them.

So as obnoxious as Kayden is – he’s a bit like the Bieber of findom – he is performing an important Hierarchical service by introducing straight Alphas to their proper place at the top of the Hierarchical pyramid.

And for that, I’m grateful.

Hierarchy Is Truth!