President Donald Trump speaks at a rally Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Well, twice-impeached Donald J. Trump escaped conviction for sedition in his second impeachment “trial” because, once again, he was rescued by the most corrupt group of Republican Senators in the history of the nation.

Seven American bodies lie in the ground right now, dead at the hands of fellow Americans who were spurred to riot and attack the Capitol. We all saw it happen on live television. We heard Trump commit sedition against the United States with inflammatory words designed to steal a verified election away from the rightful winner. It was possibly the most obvious case of guilt ever, carefully constructed by the House impeachment managers with meticulous precision.

Yet these vile, gutless Republican snakes flouted every ethics rule known to law in order to sweep this obvious conviction under the rug. Why? Because they’re cowards. They’re afraid that Trump’s insane mob of anti-American shitbags will come after them.

Instead, American voters will be coming after their jobs. And history will be coming after their legacy. They will forever wear a scarlet letter, and hated everywhere they go. They are the new Benedict Arnold’s, the shameful traitors of our time.

Fortunately, court cases are already proceeding to try Trump in civil court for his insurrection, and he will lose. This next time he will be forced to face the average American in a court of law, and he won’t have gutless Republican Senators to wrest him free.

Tick tock, Donnie. America is coming for you, and she will ultimately be victorious.