This thread follows the extraordinary story of Michael, a brave faggot who lives in an apartment building full of Alphas and began servicing many of them after he made himself available. CLICK HERE for all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

I think many readers were inspired/jealous/amazed by the story of Michael, the faggot who basically offered his way into service to a bunch of Alphas in his apartment complex. It is absolutely one of the most impressive faggot stories I’ve ever featured on this site. Many of you undoubtedly wondered how Michael became so devoted and single-minded in service to Alphas.

As I have discovered, Michael learned about the truth of his existence from his Alpha father, a remarkable and very wise Master named Steve.

One fateful day Master Steve upended his son’s world with a startling revelation:

i was maybe 14 or 15 years old.  i had a crush on the guy who lived next door.  He was in my high school, a couple of years ahead of me.  He was gorgeous, 6 feet tall broad shoulders, blond hair, tanned, always smiling.  Everyone in school liked him and looked up to him.  He played on the basketball and baseball teams, was always on the honor roll.  He had amazing confidence.  One day, while my dad and i were doing some yard work, i told my dad that i wanted to be just like Brian. 

My dad stopped what he was doing and just said directly, “You can’t be like Brian, Mike.” 

“What do you mean?” I asked.  So my dad explained: among all the men in the world, very few of them are Alpha males.  They are Alpha Males by the nature of their genetic structure, personality, what have you.  They are born that way.  They do nothing to become Alphas.  You can’t learn to be an Alpha, you can’t practice.  “You either are or you are not,” my dad said.  He went on to say that he could tell just by being my dad, that i am not an Alpha Male.

What a stunning moment! Imagine being a 14 year-old boy and told this by your Alpha father!

Master Steve wisely dropped that first taste of truth and allowed it to sink into Michael’s mind and soul. However, what came next was an even more powerful truth!

It took me quite a while to process what my dad had told me about Alpha Males.  Even though i had started high school, i was really quite immature about things sexual.  i kind of put the whole business in the back of my mind as i tackled school work. 

It was maybe months later when i again raised the issue with my dad.  i told him that i had been thinking about what he had said that day in the garden.  “And what have you been thinking?” my dad asked. 

“Well, i have been thinking about Alpha Males and Brian, and i guess i understand that if i can’t become an Alpha like Brian, i can still try to be Brian’s friend.” 

“Of course,” my dad said, “but you need to understand that just as fate had laid out this role of Alpha for Brian, fate has also laid out a special role for you, son, as a faggot.” 

i was shocked.  i had heard the word before and when i heard the word used, it was never in a good sense. 

But before i could protest that i wasn’t a faggot, and that my dad, of all people shouldn’t be calling me that, my dad, said: “Stop right there. Everything that you have heard on the street about faggots is wrong, is prejudice, is adolescent boys talking bullshit about shit that they know nothing about.” 

And then my dad commenced to tell me things about what my life would be like that just blew my mind.

Hearing that truth from his Alpha father cut like a knife. But then Master Steve connected the dots for his faggot son in the most direct and beautiful way:

My dad told me that faggots existed in order to serve Alpha Males; that faggots looked for ways to help Alphas, to make their lives easier.  My dad explained that faggots did this because they got a kind of sexual charge out of doing things for Alpha Males. 

What was shocking about this was that my dad was explaining exactly what i was going through at that time.  i had started to make friends with Brian at school.  He would let me sit with Him and His friends in the cafeteria.  Once Brian kind of idly said, to no one in particular, that He would love a coke out of the machine that was in the school lunchroom.  He wasn’t asking anyone to get it, and He didn’t get up to get it Himself.  But i just went to the machine and bought Him a coke.  And i got kind of a hard-on bringing the coke back to Him. So, when my dad said that faggots did things for Alphas for the sexual charge, that really resonated with me, and my ears perked up so to speak. 

But my dad went farther in his explanation.   He explained that a faggot would perform a service for an Alpha not so much for the sexual high, but because that is what faggots do — that is their purpose.  The sexual high is a kind of bonus for the faggot, but that the faggot’s real satisfaction comes from the knowledge that his service pleases the Alpha.  i found this a little difficult to wrap my mind around.  But with experience, i would come to understand exactly what my dad was talking about. 

What a concept to unwrap for his son! Considering this was 10-12 years ago, Michael’s father was really unloading principles that the internet hadn’t quite popularized yet! This just goes to show that the Alpha/faggot dynamic is an ancient one understood at a fundamental level by Men.

Then Master Steve opened up his faggot son’s eyes to the possibilities:

That was how he taught me,  He focused on the teen Alpha next door, Brian, who i really admired.  Dad knew this.  A few weeks after i bought Brian a coke at school and my dad and i had the first talk about how a faggot serves, i mentioned to dad that Brian’s mom, who was a single mom, had set up some rules in their house — essentially, Brian had to take care of himself: clean his room, do his own laundry clean up his breakfast dishes, that kind of stuff. 

My dad just said to me – and i remember his words exactly because they essentially set a template for my intro into real faggotry – “don’t you think that Brian has more important things to do with his time than clean his room?” 

i thought about it.  Of course he does.  Brian could spend extra time in the gym fine-tuning his incredible body. Or fucking his girl friend.  Or hanging out with his buds at the burger joint.  But the point my dad made was not that i would clean Brian’s room because i wanted to, and not because i freed Brian from doing that task, but because it made Brian’s life richer.

With that one instance, my dad instilled in me the essential creed of the faggot:  i do my Alpha’s laundry, or wash His car or scrub His bathroom floor, not to relieve Him of that task, but to enhance the joy of His life — to make His life richer, more pleasurable.  And that is how my dad followed my progress in my early years as i explored the dimensions of being a faggot. 

This is the lesson, the one that needs to be embraced by all faggots everywhere. It’s a lesson that this great Alpha Male had the wisdom, insight, and compassion to instill in his beloved faggot son. What an incredible, unforgettable gift! It was, in fact, pivotal and life-changing in the deepest of ways!

And just imagine the struggle that Master Steve must’ve felt within himself! To look at his son and see the reality that his son – the fruit of his Alpha loins – was actually a faggot. It had to be difficult. But rather than cry over what was lost, Master Steve instead embraced what he found, and made it the best he could!


Years later, there was a beautiful moment that summed up the unprecedented relationship between Master Steve and his faggot son Michael:

It was some years later.  i already was in college, doing well, playing intercollegiate sports, and in service to my Alpha roommate.

i was talking to my dad while at home on a break and he asked, as he was prone to do at that time, how i was making out as a faggot to my roommate (i kept no secrets from my dad).  i told him it was great, i really felt complete and fulfilled by my service. 

He said he was glad to hear that, and the conversation drifted to my high school days and my earlier forays into faggotry.  i said that i really, really appreciated what he did, that he set me on the right course, and that he enabled me to feel good about myself and my role in life. 

And my dad said, “Mike, that’s what fathers do.  They prepare their sons for life.  I taught you how to tie your shoelaces, how to hit a baseball.  Why wouldn’t I teach you how to be the best fucking faggot you could possibly be?”