LMAO, here’s my faggot slave @butlerboi27 where it belongs. This faggot has turned or to be quite useful. I trained this faggot to give great fucking massages, sweaty-pitlicking, foot rubs /tongue cleaning, and turns out hes really great and licking my sweaty ass, I told faggot my dirty asshole was its girlfriend, so anytime it feels faggot feelings for me to kiss, she can make out with my asshole instead. Lol. Faggot took that job seriously too, my ass has never been cleaner, haha. Another time as faggot thought he was French kissing his girlfriend…. He just got his tongue in my asshole when I ripped a huge fart in this faggots face. I couldn’t stop laughing, but he just thanked me and told me how good it smelled… What a fucking faggot….

After I finished fucking him a couple times, I called him into his knees in the shower, I ordered him to put my cock in his mouth to clean his dirty ass juice off my cock and suck out any of my Alpha Cum left over… As he held my cock in his mouth I told him to look up and I spit right on his face… He went to say thank you but just as he owned his mouth to talk, I fucked starting pissing on his mouth. He chugged my fucking warm nasty piss, like it was golden nectar from heaven, I was fucking impressed, so I spit in his face again to let him know while he’s still chugging away…lol, but then I right at the end I pulled out and caught him off guard as I pissed all over his face and body. He was fucking shocked… The look on his face was priceless…


My last visit from Master’s perspective. I play a small role in His amazing life but glad I brought Him some entertainment and mirth as it was the culmination of everything I’ve always wanted to achieve and do. Hope I get to see Him again some day and till then, will always serve faithfully in whatever way I can to improve His life and make Him more comfortable.

You might remember this experience I reblogged in its entirety here (CLICK HERE) about a faggot named @butlerboi27 meeting up with pure Alpha Predator @studbudjock for the first time. It was a hot true story!

Above is the same encounter told from the perspective of the Alpha. Notice how it is much shorter, blunter, and mostly concerned with bodily functions. Yes, @studbudjock is a true Alpha!