An Alpha’s View Of Cash Faggotry

After my screed against cash faggotry the other day, I received a series of messages from a young Alpha who happens to own a few cash fags. While his situation is a bit different – these are largely cash fags who serve in person – he makes some good points. I also really liked hearing how he became aware of his Alphahood, a fascinating topic I don’t understand particularly well.

Here is what he wrote:

This is going to take a number of these messages. I’m confident a smart fag like you can piece them together. 1. I’ve read your disapproving comments about cash faggotry a number of times. While I agree that there are many fakes out there, I wanted to give you my perspective. 

I was in high school when I first noticed I was different from the other guys. I noticed that people tended to be obsequious to me. Not just the weak guys but the regular guys too, and of course the girls.

Giving it thought I recognized that for years I tended to be a leader in whatever group I was in. I came to recognize that there was a group of guys, the weak, shy, small lesser guys were often desperate to have my attention and anxious to do things for me. That was when I started experimenting with what I could get them to do for me. 

It started out small, getting them to run little errands for me but as I could see how wiling they were I asked for bigger things. It was a rush to see them work for my approval. It progressed to getting them to perform humiliating and self-degrading acts. You can’t imagine what a powerful feeling it is for a high school-er to have classmates lick your feet or drink your piss. Then I started “borrowing” money from them. It didn’t take long to drop the “borrow” pretense and just tell them what I wanted. By the time I was a senior I had two working part time jobs and turning their pay checks over to me. Though I didn’t need the money, it was

an incredible feeling knowing that they were willing to sacrifice so much for my benefit and expect nothing in return. I also trained them to thank me when I allowed them to serve me and admonished them when they didn’t. Throughout all I was astonished to observe how happy it made them to serve me. It appeared to make them happier than it made me. 

One time I did an experiment to see how willing adults were to give money. I kind of expected women to be receptive because I was good looking

and fit but surprisingly, married men were even more receptive. That was my first glimpse into the psyche of straight beta men and how submissive even they tended to be towards the Alpha male. 

Fast forward to today, I’ve graduated college and have a high paying job. I date and fuck the ladies regularly. I also have three cash slaves. I use the money they give me for all my fun; vacations, entertainment, going out to eat, etc. I love hearing how they sacrifice and live modest lifestyles

so that I can have fun and live more comfortably. So my point is, not all cash Masters are fake and not all cash faggotry is bad. 

Isn’t that interesting? I love how young Alphas discover and accept their natural place and begin to use their power over others. It’s like a young lion learning to hunt and kill. A beautiful and natural thing.

As for cash faggotry, this Alpha makes a few good points. If we just look at it from the perspective of a faggot surrendering itself to the will of an Alpha and feeling fulfilled, I suppose cash faggotry isn’t such a crime. This Alpha’s observation that these faggots were happier to be able to give than the Alpha felt to receive it is an interesting one.

But, of course, this Alpha isn’t just showing off fat feet anonymously on the internet. He’s using these fags personally, and they know exactly who they are serving. That’s a huge difference.

I’d like to thank this Alpha for writing to me. I’m always stimulated in my conversations with Alphas.