Rape is an electric word. It shocks the ears of everyone who hears it, regardless of context.

In the Hierarchical world, rape is often used to put a charge into conversations/situations involving rough sex. Alphas are the top of the food chain, so to speak, and their animal lusts are powerful and uncontrollable forces of nature. They cannot and should not be restrained by the expectations of lesser humans.

This is especially true of faggots. As a faggot that was raped at knifepoint, I can say that, in looking back, my Alpha rapist did me a favor in a way by reinforcing the truth of my existence. He burned it into my soul. Faggots need rough fucking to rattle their cages and refocus their attention on their true purpose: service and worship of Men. This level of rough fucking might be called rape by modern societal standards, but it is not really rape for the faggot. It is necessary adjustment.

On the FWA Discord server there was a lively conversation about the word “rape” and its use on social media among visible personalities in the Dom/sub scene (me included). An Apex Alpha known as DomJakewulf joined the fray and unleashed this magnificent thought-piece on the subject that absolutely needs to be read by all:

Still trying to wrap my head around the idea of “raping” an inferior or “rape-like” fucking.

Brutally hard, relentless use of an inferior’s holes is the absolute right of an Alpha, no doubt. Once consent is given, the inferior gives up any control of the intensity of how an Alpha uses him.

I would beat the shit out of any man who I learned fucked someone without consent. First, the world is too full of faggots to ever need to fuck anyone without consent. Second, a true Alpha has better integrity than to fuck someone without consent. Lesser men are the ones who take what they haven’t earned or who take outside their level on the hierarchy.

Rape is a very real crime with real victims. I’ve never met an inferior who was a victim of my fuck. Most walked (hobbled) away feeling better about themselves after the brutal, terrorizing fuck they endured.

Words have power. Alphas have power. Alphas don’t need to rape or fuck in a rape-like manner. An Alpha knows that a hard, brutal, relentless, unforgiving, testosterone-driven rager of a fuck is not rape–its just how we fuck.

Clean it up, boys. Don’t borrow a word with a very negative meaning to describe a positive a perfectly consensual experience between an Alpha and his inferiors.

First of all, BRAVO!

Secondly, his point of view here meticulously slices the line between consent and nonconsent so surgically that he should be awarded a doctorate. I love when intelligent Apex Alphas thunder righteous declarations like this! It is akin to Moses hearing God’s voice on Mount Sinai.

My viewpoint is this: faggots imply consent when they submit to an Alpha. Their consent is implied almost from their birth as a faggot, and certainly verified by an adult life lived as a faggot.

Submitting to an Alpha is the reality of offering yourself for his needs. You lay yourself out like a banquet table and invite him to eat from you until he is satisfied. In that situation, he takes whatever he wants because permission to do so is implied.

But submitting to an Alpha can also be like inviting a tornado to visit your home. You might have expectations of how you’d like that tornado to behave, but more than likely it’s going to level your house.

Every single faggot needs to remember what Master Jake wrote above. Understand what your submission implies, and then be ready for anything.