Sometimes being a faggot and also in charge of a large, dynamic website like this can be a difficult combination. It’s very easy to forget one’s place or leap ahead without respecting boundaries.

Sadly I made that mistake with the glorious married Alpha I featured the other day, Master Aaron (CLICK HERE). I excitedly published his letter to me in the hopes of inspiring other straight married Alphas like him.

One huge problem: I didn’t ask his permission first.

I was heartbroken to hear he was upset with me. I’ve found him to be a very precise and engaging intelligence for whom I’ve already developed considerable respect.

I want to formally and publicly apologize to Master Aaron for my impudence and poor faggot form. After all of these years I should certainly not be making rookie mistakes like that! I have let him down … and I’ve let myself down, too.

Master Aaron has given me permission to post pictures of his magnificent cock. I thank him immensely for these pictures! As you can see, he’s built to tear open holes and breed very deeply!

Again, I am so sorry for upsetting you Master! Thank you for your mercy and kindness!

If any of you want to serve and praise him, you can find him on Twitter @noscruples1.

– sam the faggot