At the end of December I published a post and a podcast on the subject of silent service. The response to that topic (especially the post, HERE) was quite surprising and inspirational.

However, I did use that post to call out a wealthy faggot for some elitist rhetoric that offended me.

Anybody who has read this site for more than a week knows I can be quite withering with someone that pokes me the wrong way. And this faggot’s comments definitely did.

I’d largely forgotten about my response to that wealthy faggot until tonight when I received this response from it:

I’m the wealthy fag. Haven’t been to the site in a while, so I didn’t notice this response to my comment. 

I’m thinking about what you said about being classist. That’s never my intention, but you might be right. I really don’t want to come off that way, so I appreciate the criticism, even though it hurts. 

Your assumption that I donate to fin-doms isn’t really accurate. That’s not what I said, and it’s not the situations I have. I have a few alphas I serve. One is working class, and stops by for occasional service (or did before Covid). I don’t pay him. The other is a long term relationship. He’s wealthier than I am. I’ve donated, maybe, $50 ever to fin-doms, just out of curiosity. (I have, though, hired in-person sex workers, and don’t have any shame there — they deserve work and respect, because the ones I’ve hired have really helped me with my sexuality)

My point is that I offer myself to alphas, as a successful person who has worked very hard to get ahead. I wanted to illustrate that one could be ambitious but also a submissive gay guy. I think I failed in conveying that, and I did come off arrogant — that criticism is absolutely valid. Also valid is your criticism in your podcast that I might have made other fags feel bad, and that’s absolutely the opposite thing I want to convey. I just want to express that people, regardless of their social status, can still serve alphas, whether they’re traditionally successful or not. And the rest of this post about silent service is absolute gold. I’m glad you posted it. 

I’m sorry I offended you. That wasn’t my intent, but that’s not an excuse: I’m responsible for my words. I apologize, and will attempt to do better in the future. 

Incidentally, is there a link or something where one can anonymously donate to support your site? I’ve bought your book; clever idea.

What a remarkably polite and measured response! So thoughtful!

I responded thusly:

Brother, thank you for returning to respond to my criticisms! I can sometimes come off aggressively when I get perturbed about an issue, and I felt like I may have come down too hard on you. Still, you seem to have taken my comments in the spirit I intended, and for that I’m grateful.

It takes tremendous humility for a successful faggot like yourself to accept those kinds of criticisms. That is truly a credit to you, brother!

The post on silent service received an enormous and surprising response. There is a large contingent of faggots who do want some validation and recognition for such service, but I didn’t realize what I was tapping into when I posted it. I remain intrigued by findom in general as a legit avenue of service; it seems to carry its own unique set of emotional and psychological triggers/needs that differ from in-person service and ownership. I think that curiosity might be why I keep interviewing Alphas and faggots in the findom scene.

If you’d like to contribute to the site, you can definitely do so through the Patreon link in the sticky post at the top of the website. Or, if that doesn’t suit you, you can send directly through PayPal at

Far too often faggots have their claws out for each other. What a shame. I’ve learned so much from my faggot brothers and have been so inspired by their astounding acts of courage and conviction! This site and everything that has resulted wouldn’t exist without the continued support of faggots all around the world.

That’s why I really wanted to highlight how things can and should be between us, brothers. We all exist for one purpose: to serve Alphas. However we accomplish that, whether through silent service or full-blown slavery, we should be humble and kind with each other.

~ s.