Another Straight Alpha Discovers The Truth

One of the unexpected and unintended results of this site over the years has been the discovery of faggot worship and service by straight Alphas. I’ve served many straight Alphas during my two-plus decades as a full-time faggot, so I’ve always known that straight Alphas can and do love faggot service. I haven’t been shy about discussing this fact, much to the dismay of some readers.

Yet despite their complaints that “straight guys who use faggots aren’t straight” more and more perfectly straight Alphas are reading the experiences I’ve reported here and have gone on to experience fag worship for themselves, and they love it.

The latest to realize the possibilities of true worship is a 22-year-old Alpha named Mack. He wrote this to me last night:

Hey there faggot. My name is Mack, I’m 22 and I just recently came across your website, I’ve only recently considered the idea of owning or using men and I never would have been comfortable with anything to do with this shit unless it was for your website so I wanna say thanks for that. I’m an alpha, I crave to be worshipped and serviced, and I guess my question is where is the best place to find eager faggots who are looking to serve a real young alpha in any way I want? 

God, I love the bluntness of straight Alphas! This was my response:

Thank you very much for writing! I’m excited to hear of your decision to pursue the true worship of faggots! It’s what natural Alphas like you deserve!

If you’re going to a gym right now, i guarantee you there are faggots watching you from afar and hoping you’ll notice. That is probably the best social setting to find faggots right now.

You have apps like Grindr or Recon that work. I recommend Fetlife as well.

But ultimately you have the right to take and subjugate and faggot or sub male you meet in your day-to-day life, Sir. I think you’ll be surprised how easily males will submit to your power if you flex it.

Just remember – this is the naturals order of things. You were born for this kind of power, and faggots are born to submit to you. It will all fall into place once you take hold of your Alphahood.

I hope this helps, Sir! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or experiences you might have, Sir!


sam the faggot