Another Straight Alpha Finds The Truth

The podcast has turned out to be one of the smartest moves I’ve made with this site. I didn’t think anybody would listen. When it began, I didn’t think anybody was hearing the message.

But they have been getting it. And the audience is growing.

One segment of the population I wanted in my audience was the elusive straight Alpha. We know how they are – headstrong, busy, easily distracted, and impatient. Podcasts are the last things on their minds.

But even early in the podcast’s history straight Alphas made themselves known. They seemed to be mostly entertained by my little faggot silliness, but the information connected with some, too. And boy, do I love that!

The latest example of this is a straight Alpha from Chicago named Brian. A week ago I received this message from him:

Im 32, white, very dominant and masculine. Have been alpha since i was around 22. But always was a straight alpha. Im married now but even my wife of 6 years still is extremely submissive and knows her proper place. Recently from listening to your podcast i have gotten very interested in faggots. I have dabbled before but nothing serious.

I asked about his history of dabbling.

I have mainly just gotten blowjobs from it. Only a handful of them. I have been very agressive/dominant with them. Have also made it rim my ass( which is amazing) had my feet worshipped. Havent fucked a hole yet but i want to. But im really only into smooth holes. Always very verbal, reminding it of its purpose and what i think of it.

This is very promising. I’ve talked to him a bit now, and he is really ready to experience this part of his dominance.

All of this because he listened to Hierarchy Podcast episode #83 on breeding!

Alpha Brian is in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. He has given me permission to publish his KIK username. He wants to hear from more faggots and explore this.

His username is @harley31489.

Approach and kneel, faggots! Let’s show him why straight Men eventually come to own and use us!