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Once a true Apex Alpha breaks free of his “ordinary” life and the conditioning of “proper” society, the effect can often be dramatic.

Take Apex Alpha Master Matthew. Once trapped in a loveless, unfulfilling marriage, he has broken out in startling new directions. Most of this new power has come from the enslavement of not only his first faggot, but also the faggot’s boyfriend.

When we last left off, Master Matthew was having both faggots lick his ass. It’s incredible how quickly straight Alphas fall in love with both the pleasure and power of this act!

But I hinted that Master Matthew seemed to be now considering using his faggots for head.

Well guess what …

Well my daily breakfast in bed was served by the pair of them, they each massaged a foot as I ate. And as has become customary now, my faggot crawled up for his morning ass licking whilst the boyfriend continued massaging my feet.

As I finished breakfast I was feeling super horny and powerful I summoned the boyfriend up and he mistakenly thought I wanted him to lick my ass too 😆, but then instructed them to fight over my cock, mouths only, no hands allowed. First to get it in deep throat’s gets the first load. You should’ve seen them fighting so desperately! The boyfriend won so I went to town on his face and felt so good. Was great watching my faggot waiting desperately for his turn!

There was a lighter load left in me which the faggot took. Think you’re right about the addiction it causes in faggots!

Of course I’m right!

They always want feeding.. haven’t cummed so much! My balls are working overtime! It’s a lot of work feeding 2… how would it be for 3 or more?!

I asked Master Matthew what he thought of faggot blowjobs.

Out of this world. I’ve never had a woman so desperate for cum and also so desperate to please. As with everything, it’s all about, me, my wants, my need. It works so well for me and I know they love it too. My balls are working overtime. I think the more they take, the more my balls produce. It definitely makes them drowsy… they get little love drunk.

One again, a rave review from a straight Alpha!

So Master Matthew has a particular female he’s been fucking (he’s been doing a lot of fucking of women this entire time as well), and he wanted to spend last weekend with her in bed while the faggots served them.

I’m seeing a girl tonight that I saw a week or so ago. Last time I only had my faggot so he bought us breakfast in bed. I’ve already booked breakfast in bed for two tomorrow. And now I’ve got two of them, I’m thinking we’ll have a foot massage each.

But then the wealthy faggot boyfriend surprised Master Matthew:

Well actually we just upgraded our plans to a lovely Michelin restaurant, courtesy of the boyfriend who just book us in and pre paid.

Those two will undoubtedly be tidying up my place and making it look smart whilst I’m out. They usually are over in the evening to do a “turn down service” as they call it.

Absolute power!

Then, at the end of the weekend, I received this update:

Had the most awesome weekend and will be moving into my new place hopefully next weekend. Felt so much better having my new girl by my side, she’s stayed since Friday! And what a great idea it was of mine to enslave the boyfriend… think he’s my prime faggot now (and he’s loaded). Now known as KING MATTY! I had the pair of faggots guzzling down my piss this weekend!

Needless to say, I was shocked by this. I asked Master Matthew about the woman’s reaction to such slavish service.

She is LOVIN it. She loves bossing them about too. She had them lick my ass and sucking my balls as I fucked her. We had such a good time in bed this weekend, using them at certain times too, we didn’t get up really yesterday … we had breakfast lunch and dinner in bed. She was adamant I stay in bed the whole time, hence why they became my toilets haha!


But I asked about the house situation he mentioned. It seems the faggots want their new Master to move in with them and take over their large house!

They want to make their place (which is way bigger, swankier than my current place) into my Bach pad! I’ll literally be master of the house and saving a lot of money! I’m going to be nice and move them into another bedroom but part of me had considered the utility room or basement … turn it into servant quarters.

I went with them to look and decide whether I want everything moved. We spoke to a decorator about told them how I want everything as that’ll be done this week. I was moving them out to a smaller room but they’re actually happy going in a study downstairs as it’s close to the kitchen and utility so made sense to have a “servant quarter” altogether. And gives me all of upstairs too.

I was left almost speechless. This is an outrageous flex of pure, unadulterated power!

But it has made Master Matthew realize a great truth:

Definitely, I’ve realised that I’m so comfortable about my sexuality. I’ve only eyes for women, but what does it hurt to make a couple of faggot’s lives, like you’ve said I’ve put them in this heaven. I truly believe that their purpose in life has been to serve and be owned by me, so thankfully I have allowed them to fulfill their destiny. I have realised that it was my purpose to be worshipped and followed. I now just need to work out whether it was god’s intention for these two faggots to be owned by me or whether it is also the destiny of others.

But finally Master Matthew summed it up this way:

I love my life. Every straight man should be entitled to a faggot or two. They really improve the quality of your life and let you enjoy being a man whilst they take care of all the shit. Honestly don’t think I could be without my faggots now.