This thread follows the story of Alpha Cody, a powerful straight college Alpha who has learned to use faggots for his own advantage. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

One of the things I preach emphatically to all Alphas is the use of Alpha privilege. What is that? It is the natural right all true Alphas have to take what they want.

Some people always push back and tell me I’m encouraging rape, blah blah blah. I’m not talking about rape, but rather the exertion of Alpha power to encourage inferiors to fulfill their natural purpose and take the inferiors to places they want to go. So, in my opinion, the exertion of Alpha privilege is part of reinforcement of Hierarchical principles that have been around since the dawn of mankind. When Alphas push their privilege, both the Alpha and the inferior experience Hierarchical fulfillment.

And also, magic happens.

For example, consider this shocking new experience from Master Cody. A simple trip to the coffee shop rapidly becomes an unforgettable example of what happens when an Alpha uses his privilege to take what he wants.

I went by a coffee shop Monday evening. No one else was in line.  The guy working the counter got so flushed all of a sudden. I love when they’re pale enough for me to see it.  I talked to him a few minutes and watched him get clumsy and forgetful.  He apologized and I told him don’t sweat it because it was almost end of shift for him.  

I asked him when his next day off was.  It was the next day.  I don’t intentionally do this, but I just began smiling and joking around with him. I told him that he needed to enjoy himself and relax. I paraphrased a line from Scarface that I love and said “you look like you haven’t got laid in a month.” He was beet red by then. I love embarrassing fags a little but in a light-hearted way. I asked what he was going to do.  I don’t remember what he said but I just said “I should come by then.”   And he agreed, a little breathless. It’s like hypnosis. 

I got his apartment number and went over there yesterday morning.  He clearly hadn’t woke up yet when he answered.  He seemed pretty lost so I told him let’s go to back to his bedroom.  I laid down and kept my shoes off the foot of the bed.  He instinctively took them off.  I had to pull him down on the bed.  He must have thought this was a fever dream. It was a nice day.  He made lunch for me.  Aaand he got thoroughly fucked in both ends.  He was a shaking mess each time. Even sucking my dick he would make little moaning noises and had these hyper movements. He was fucking ravenous for dick.  He liked licking my pits, taint, and so much else.  He washed me in the shower later in the afternoon.  It was just a full range of service and he clearly enjoyed all of it.  

I let him snuggle me after ruts. From what little I learned from anatomy, all that oxytocin just makes women and fags need that physical bond. It can create mismatched expectations between me and them though. Luckily he didn’t seem to have any expectations with that.   But all it takes is a little gentle coaxing and they’re no longer in control.

Masterful use of Alpha privilege! That isn’t rape, folks, but clearly the coffee shop faggot had no chance. Master Cody decided that he wanted to breed the faggot, and casually flexed his superior privilege to make the faggot submit.

I followed up Master Cody’s message with a question about how he knew the guy at the coffee shop was a faggot. Master Cody’s response was insightful:

The blush was part of it.  Most guys don’t act surprised or suddenly anxious when I strike up a conversation.  Then there’s the forgetfulness and clumsiness.  Most of them cannot hide it.  The retail setting already puts him in a servile position.  Once they can shake off the distraction in their mind they’re usually a little more attentive to making your order perfect, giving you extra things for free, etc.  The anxiety for them is amusing for me.  I don’t do it to be mean.  Their minds are poisoned by rules of etiquette that says they can’t be overly friendly with a customer, or that you’re not supposed to just be upfront about wanting to fuck, don’t fuck when you first meet someone, or whether there’s a time and place for certain things to happen.  Fuck all of that.  Plus my brain reads that embarrassed, flirtatious anxiety as “I need to be fucked.”  

They’re too guarded for most men to feel comfortable making a move, and they’re too shy to make it themselves.  People like that don’t get what they need sexually.  They want someone to fall out of the sky and just tell them that they want to fuck them.  So, I make myself fall out of the sky for them.  Part of the reward for me is that they’re always hungry as fuck and want to make the opportunity count once they get it.  

I was so proud of Master Cody for zeroing in on what is really happening here. His line about how his “brain reads that embarrassed, flirtatious anxiety as ‘I need to be fucked‘” is very telling. I’ve often tried to describe how Alphas have a sixth sense, not for dead people, but for faggots and other submissives around them. I’ve always marveled at how easily Alphas see through the fragile, tissue paper walls behind which faggots try to hide. Those walls might as well be a red cape waved in front of a bull.

I actually think that instinct inside Master Cody’s brain is evolutionary, an intense primal instinct passed down the Alpha bloodline genetically. Hierarchy is reinforced by the genetic pruning of evolutionary development, and the exertion of Alpha privilege is part of that development.

However, the key word here is “exertion.” It must be exercised, like a muscle. That takes purposeful action.

Master Cody confidently exerts his Alpha privilege, and his life is better for it. Hierarchy is better for it. All Alphas should do the same.

[hater disclaimer: this story was passed along to me. I did not vet the accuracy of the story, interview third-grade teachers, check hair samples and video surveillance, or utilize lie detectors. Read at your own risk.]