Back In Session (Part TWO): Double Trouble

This is a continuation of the story of frat fag, the formerly straight college male who discovered that he was truly a faggot when he was dominated and taken by a college Alpha named Duke. If you want to catch up, you can click on this link for all of the previous installments in this fascinating story

So frat fag had a rough reintroduction to Alpha Duke’s powerful cock after the start of school (read PART ONE here!), but he was, of course, ravished in a good way. It never ceases to amaze me how well frat fag has adjusted to his totally new existence as a faggot in service to powerful Men! Frat fag is reading these, so tell him below how you feel about his transformation!

Anyway, there was more involved in frat fag’s latest missive, and I felt like it deserved its own post. This one involves the return of Alpha Duke’s partner-in-crime, Alpha Bishop (click here to read Bishop’s introduction). And it’s a stunner!

So here is frat fag with his story:

About a week ago though, there was another visit from Bishop because he wanted to hang out with Duke and use me again. So while he and Duke played video games I was ordered to suck them both off. I continued alternating back and forth between them. 

The difference was Duke ordered me to cross dress again because Bishop wanted to see me like that. Which I hadn’t dressed like that for Bishop before, so it was a bit embarrassing which I think made it all the more hot for them. So they used more terms like “bitch, pussy, she” and stuff like that than normal. 

Then Bishop decided that it was time for him to fuck me and slid a condom on himself. He pushed me onto my back and pushed that massive cock of his inside of me which again, hurt, but also felt amazing. He started pumping into me and slid his hand around my neck, squeezing my throat so that I could barely breath. I remember him saying something akin to “Your bitch knows a good fucking when she’s getting one, doesn’t she, Duke?” as he fucked me harder. Duke agreed and watched Bishop take me and began stroking his cock. 

I looked at Duke and begged him to come put his dick in my mouth because I needed to taste him and he obliged me. He knelt down next to me and spit on my face calling me a dirty slut. But smiled at me and slid his way into my throat. GOD, the feeling of these two thrusting into me with all of their power as they got closer to cumming was insane. I LOVE IT. It’s like a cloudy/fuzzy feeling almost like I’m drunk? It’s hard to describe [edit: you described it PERFECTLY, brother!]

They both ended up cumming around the same time and then left me there on the floor to clean myself up while they cleaned themselves up and went back to their game. 

I then was made to stay in the wig and outfit and make them both dinner. It was an odd role to be placed in but it felt like it fit at the same time.

So I hope that brings us up to speed. I am still busy with school but I’ve been thinking a lot about you Sam and I’m glad to see you still have an outlet for all of your information! I hope it’s doing as well as your Tumblr!

So many incredible aspects to unpack here! I feel like I could go on for days, but here are some initial thoughts:

1. Notice how the Alphas talk to each other and relate on a different level than the faggot they’re using? They act like frat fag isn’t even in the room! They are definitely a breed apart!

2. That cloudy/fuzzy feeling is the moment of surrender that all faggots feel while being properly used. It is the dissipation of a faggot’s will to fight, replaced by acceptance and peace. 

3. The sissyfication of frat fag continues! Isn’t it the height of Alpha behavior to make a used faggot go into the kitchen to make them food afterwards??? I’ve had Alphas do that to me before, and it is a heady experience. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more truly submissive in my life than those moments. Frat fag didn’t say that, but I bet he agrees!

This saga continues to amaze me beyond words. Thank you to my little brother, and to all of the Alphas like Duke and Bishop who continue to give us purpose!