Hierarchy often veers wildly into uncomfortable truths and difficult-to-imagine scenarios. We are dealing with Male sexuality and the Male sex drive, possibly the most unpredictable force in human society.

As I’ve said before with previous stories involving male children, the Hierarchical realities of Male dominance sometimes comes into play in unpleasant (and sometimes sad) ways. Child abuse is nothing to be taken lightly or tossed off like it’s any other sexual fetish. It’s very dangerous and destructive.

But child abuse and its effects should not be ignored, either.

The story I’m relating here involves an older faggot named John. He told me two stories about experiences with straight Alphas who used him and made indelible impressions on his life. The first was his stepdad when he was a child:

My stepdad was my first Master when I was very young (13). He taught me cocksucking, disciplined me with his belt. and gave me detailed lessons in eating his asshole. At my request, he also let me worship his feet.

I served him all through high school and into college. He and my mom divorced and he moved to the East Coast. I last saw him more than 40 years ago.

I find it very interesting that John calls this abusive stepdad his “first Master” which could be interpreted as an affectionate term. Like rape victims (including myself), victims of sexual trauma often find gratitude in the experiences they suffered and for the ones who inflicted them. Perhaps there is a tendency in the human mind to search for the good out of terrible events, like searching for lone flowers in a forest devastated by fire.

But familial service continued for John into his later life. He got married to a female and ended up serving his father-in-law.

My best experience with foot worship came many years ago when I was serving my then father in law. He was a straight alpha and 30 years older than me. One of the things he liked most was humiliation and he used his feet to do that. When I came to his place he’d be sitting in his chair barefoot. He made sure the soles of his feet were filthy and he made me ask politely if I could lick them clean. He would also use my face as a footstool while he talked on the phone. He had a couple of alpha friends who he’d let watch. He also had me tongue clean their feet. It was amazingly hot. 

I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous it can be for family members to engage in these types of relationships. Fortunately, it seems to have worked out for my fag brother John, but there are countless others who see their lives (and the lives of the associated family) ruined by this.

I appreciate this brother’s honesty, though. Hopefully someone out there reading this can be helped by it.