Behind The Aborted Trans-Continental Bachelor Party

Many of you remember the post I published on February 23, 2021 entitled “Opportunity of a Lifetime” (CLICK HERE) about a bachelor party from the UK that was supposed to take place this summer in both New York and Las Vegas.

I’ve received stuff like this before and largely ignored them. But this time the request came from an older Alpha named Max with whom I had previous dealings. I trusted him to be telling the truth. He had a very specific game plan for the two-week party that I reproduced faithfully in the post. He put me in charge of assembling potential faggots to serve at both locations, and even though I had no time for such an assignment, I gave it my best shot.

Much to my surprise, a lot of quality faggots applied for the assignments, including a shocking number of toilet fags. And this was really the joyous part for me, seeing good faggots reach out for an opportunity to serve that way in real time.

But then Max became unresponsive. I started demanding answers about the faggots I was sending his way. Finally, Max shut off his Kik and apparently ghosted me.

I have to listen to Alphas bitch about the fickleness and unreliability of faggots, but in my experience there are just as many immature, game-playing Alphas out there. In my opinion, these dumbasses are WORSE than faggots. The idea that these time-wasting children masquerade as Men sickens me because they are insulting to the very idea of Alphahood.

So, to all of my brothers who applied to serve these parties, I apologize. I also thank you for making my heart very proud.

If you have any issues with this time-wasting prick, you can contact him yourself:



What an embarrassment.

~ sam