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Over the Fourth Of July holiday I heard from one of my new favorite Apex Alphas, Master Ursus. It seems that he hosted a couple of his previous faggots for meet-ups and rebreedings.

Here’s his letter to me:

I read your post on Master David and it made me smile because by chance, over the past month or so, three of my fags have come home to visit.  Sadly one I couldn’t see because I was out of town the week he was here but we talked a fair bit before and after he visited.  He and one of the other ones were back on leave from the military.  Both of these boys (and several other before and since) I have convinced/helped/pushed into joining the military.  The other one who was recently in town I encouraged to pursue things with an Alpha who was on vacation here that met.  He has been a live-in boyfag/boyfurniture for the out of town Alpha for more than a year now.  

The houseboy was one of many many young fags I’ve met around here who are just drifting around useless.  Treating every day like a summer vacation Sunday even though they are inching up their 20s.  I don’t know what is happening in this country, it seems like half the population under 30 is just living with their parents and doing nothing, maybe barely holding down a 15 hour a week retail job.  I found this one jobs, tried to coach/mentor him, but it was no use.  He needs someone who can make decisions for him and take care of him full time and just give him money for shiny things he likes.  But that wasn’t going to be me.  He’s still a fantastic fuck though, that’s a lucky Alpha!

I always think of my fags, especially the younger ones, as projects.  So many boys now do nothing all day, and are incapable and anxious about doing anything.  A hair appointment gives them panic attacks even if it was the only activity that week.  But I always try to improve my fags, whether it is encouragement in school, or finding a job, or just trying to help them be adults, take things on, make decisions and plans.  I’ve reviewed many resumes, bought neckties, and showed the fag how to tie it, driven fags to job interviews, helped them out of traffic tickets, everything an adult male should be able to do for himself.  I’ve helped or pushed plenty to graduate college, or trade school, even professional school.  As a result have attended several ‘faguation’ ceremonies.  One guy I helped study for his GED at age 20 so he could join the Army.  

The fags and other young people I have pushed into the military are all the better for it.  The one who was home visit whom I didn’t get to see has really grown into himself.  He was pretty straightened out before but just couldn’t fathom DOing anything because all his friends were still doing exactly what they had been doing in high school–smoking weed, playing vids, and surfing.  The other one who was here recently was so nervous and anxious about everything he could barely leave the house for his part time minimum wage job so I drove him to the recruiter.  Now he is confident, almost manly, good posture, eye contact, confidence, it’s Awesome.  The military is great at giving boys who may be eager or smart, but have no direction or discipline, have never taken any criticism or responsibility, some organization in their lives so that they can actually accomplish things.  

It’s really great to see former fags who are doing well for themselves and makes me proud I likely had a little to do with it.  It is cute how these guys are to me when I see them after a long time.  One recently just got on his knees as soon as we were alone and put his face in the crotch of my shorts for a long sniff.  There’s another guy who whenever I see him looks me in the eyes and asks if he can please have some of my cum before giving me usually two perfect suckjobs in a row.  Makes me happy knowing that even as they go on in life and meet new people and have new experiences, if I cunted them, whether once or many times, I will always be a part of them.  

What a lovely letter, right? It has an almost wistful tone to it, like an x-rated episode of “The Wonder Years” or something like that.

But what Master Ursus says here about how he will always be a part of the lives of his faggots – that’s completely true. And we will always come back to the source of that life.

The heavy Alpha cock between the legs of Master Ursus is more than simply a tool for breeding or urination. It is a statement of his POWER TO POSSESS AND OWN. To make other humans his property for life. When he penetrates a faggot, he’s penetrating its soul as well as its body.

And through that simple act, all of the other aspects of ownership become possible as the faggot falls under his control. The reshaping of the faggot’s life, the new mindset it gains under his tutelage. He is able to make these faggots into better, more useful members of society.

But, in the end, they all return to the Man who truly owns them. They drop to their knees, and take in his scent once more. They open their mouths and choke on their Master’s cock once more. They bend over and take his babies once more.

They always come back for more. Why? Because Master Ursus owns their SOUL. No matter where they go in life, they will always belong to him.