Brave Alexander Peeks Behind The Curtain

This thread follows a faggot named Alexander, an 18-year-old virgin in Luxembourg, as he learns to submit to an Alpha neighbor named Simon. CLICK HERE for these posts in chronological order!

Little Alexander went on a very interesting field trip today!

Since Alexander excitedly agreed to stay the weekend with an actual slave Master this weekend, Master Simon took him to meet this new Master!

Now, when I say this is a slave Master, I am dead serious – he owns a literal faggot slave. The situation is very similar to the life slave Tim leads with his straight Alpha Master. The faggot sleeps in a cage. It is always naked. It is beaten at least once a week regardless of whether it has made mistakes “just to keep it in the right frame of mind.” It wears a chastity cage resembling an iron maiden with sharp spikes on the inside of the device that looks something like this:

I think the very idea of meeting such an intense Man would terrify most faggots, but not Alexander. He was excited.

So they went to meet this slave Master. Immediately Alexander was commanded to strip completely naked. The slave Master inspected every part of Alexander’s body (which Alexander found to be quite uncomfortable).

Then the slave Master took his slave out and presented it in front of Alexander. The Master began beating the faggot for some extended period of time as Alexander watched in horror. Then, as Master Simon watched, the slave Master mounted Alexander from behind and rammed his cock into Alexander’s already-tender pussy without lube. He then proceeded to pound Alexander violently, a rut that Alexander said hurt considerably. Finally, the slave Master dumped his load in Alexander’s pussy.

The slave Master told Master Simon that Alexander was acceptable enough to stay the weekend in his dungeon of terror.

When Alexander related this story to me, I could feel my heart rate rising. Panic was setting in. I was curious how a naive young virgin faggot could be taking in this much information and experience so quickly.

But what it apparently boils down to is that Alexander is fearless. Nothing phases him, ever. He simply charges into every situation like a rescue dog on a mission; if you told Alexander that he had to suck the dick of an Alpha surrounded by a raging inferno, I’m pretty sure Alexander would charge into the flames as soon as you pointed out the direction. It’s breathtaking.

Also scary. Such enthusiasm can really sustain a person through many troubling moments, but it can also lead you into traps. Hopefully Alexander doesn’t find himself in an iron maiden-like life trap.