I absolutely must share this amazing little story about a faggot named Nick. Incidentally, I have another story about Nick that I have been struggling to find time to write … but this one must come first.

Nick is a 30-year-old faggot who has been making a concerted effort to improve his courage so he might make an effort to serve Men and fulfill his purpose. I love when faggots take this commission seriously!

But circumstance was about to give Nick an unexpected opportunity to show courage. I’ll let him tell it:

So, I’ve been listening to the podcast a lot the last few days aloud on my phone and I guess my main door was open and my neighbors boyfriend across the hall heard it and listened in a bit. I saw him doing laundry and he confronted me about it.

He asked if I believed in what I was listening to and if I was “like that” and after hesitating for a minute I told him, “Yes Sir, it’s true.” He told me he thought I was sick and he just walked out.

(Nick said the episode in question was #83 – “Breeding”)

I must tell you that I cannot express how proud I am of Nick! When confronted, he stood his ground and didn’t back down from the truth!

Ultimately, that’s how this “war” is won. Brave faggots who persist at serving Men change them and those around them. Look at the example of Master Jin and his faggot Chin; their bravery has led to the fulfillment of eight other people exposed to Hierarchical principles!

To that end, keep this in mind: that neighbor listened to it, didn’t he? And he may have had a disgusted initial reaction, but what might come of things as the information turns in his mind?

That is the beauty of Hierarchy. It is Nature’s First Law. It cannot be refuted. So stand firm like Nick the faggot! The truth shall set you free!