Back in August of this year I published a tribute post written by the beta slave (he does not identify as a faggot) of a (so far nameless) Supreme Alpha. You can read that by CLICKING HERE. Now this marvelous servant has written another excellent tribute post about his Master for his Master’s birthday. Here it is:

My Alpha’s birthday is this week.  As a tribute to him, I decided to share the story of the first time he seeded me.  I want alphas, betas, and faggots around the world to read this story and rub their cocks all week thinking about my Supreme Alpha.

It started typically enough.  Alpha came over one night, ready to pound my hole the way he had countless times before.  I was very excited to see him! He is a very busy stud and it had been a while since we had gotten to play.  I was looking forward to being naked with him, but I had no idea the significance this night would have.  This would be the night a man finally seeded my hole.

Alpha walked in and I felt vulnerable the moment I was in his presence.  I am a small guy, 5’4.  He is 6’2, strong, muscular, and handsome.  He towers over me, always overpowers me, and I know I am helpless when he gets his strong hands on me.   We went to the bedroom and started making out (he is the best kisser!), slowly pulling our clothes off, and began wrestling around on the bed.  I love wrestling with my muscular Alpha!  I love to feel how strong and powerful he is, getting both of our bodies hot and wet and sweaty in the process.  I would occasionally stop to suck his beautiful cock.  It’s satisfying to hear him moan as I get his cock rock hard and dripping with my spit.   We would alternate between wrestling and me orally worshipping his cock.

The wrestling match ended when my Alpha, finally tired of toying with is prey, turned me over, and pinned my small body under him.  I struggled but he was so much bigger and stronger than me.  Eventually I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I could not escape from underneath him.  And that is when he started pressing his big hard cock against my tight little hole.

At first it felt so hot to feel the throbbing heat of his cockhead against my tight sensitive hole. We were both covered in sweat, his cock was still dripping with my spit, and I could feel him rubbing his precum on my hole.   But as he pressed harder, I realized that I could not handle it.  I tried to squirm and I struggled to get away from under him, but he knew he had me completely under his control.  I begged for more lube but he kept rubbing his wet leaking cock against my sweaty hole, covering it with precum and working his way deeper inside me.  I tried to push him off me, but he overpowered me.  He bore his weight down on my small body and began to take what he had decided was his.  My ass.

He is a dominant but patient alpha. He went slow, so slow, but he never stopped. I squirmed and begged, I cried and struggled, but he was unyielding.  Slowly I understood that there was no way I could get away or stop him.  I began to surrender, accepting my fate.  As I finally relaxed against my powerful Alpha, his big bare cock slid all the way inside me and he claimed my body.  

He began to rhythmically fuck me, slowly loosening my tight hole.  As I continued to surrender to him, a new kind of bliss overcame me.  The feeling of his bare cock inside me was incredible.  He is the first and only man to ever fuck me raw.  It wasn’t just the feeling of skin on skin that flooded me with primal lust. It was the fact that we were friends too.  It was the fact that I had known him for almost two years.  It was the fact that I had opened up to him, trusted him, and had really gotten to know him.  So when his big bare cock was owning my hole, making it his, all I could think of was how right it felt to finally surrender myself to this incredible masculine man with no barriers between us.

Eventually Alpha flipped us over so that he was on his back and I was on top of him, his rock hard cock still buried in my tight hole.  He told me to cum for him, and so I slowly started to stroke my cock.  He wrapped his strong arms around me as I stroked, I could feel his muscles flex as he pulled me close to his sweaty body.  He held me tight, reminding me that I was his, and that I couldn’t get away. Not that I wanted to.  I felt right at home, sitting on the lap of this muscular alpha man.   I could feel his cock so deep inside me as I stroked my own cock.  As I started getting closer, he began rhythmically thrusting inside me.   With each thrust of his hips, I could feel his hard cock swelling, stretching my hole and claiming my body.  As I stroked my cock faster, he began thrusting faster.  He wrapped his strong arms even tighter around me.  I could feel the pulsing heat of his manhood throbbing deep inside me, and when I came, it was an explosion.

Once my cock stopped spurting my hot load all over my stomach, Alpha flipped us over so I was pinned underneath him again.  I could sense his carnal lust overtaking him. He began fucking my ass harder, his bare cock sliding in and out of my tight hole.  He put his muscular arm around my neck, choking me ever so slightly, and held me in place.  I was his and we both knew it.

“Where do you want this load?” Alpha whispered in my ear.

“In my mouth?” I questioned.

“No… that’s not where you want this load.  You want this load in your ass….”

We had talked about this a few times. I had always been curious about a man cumming inside me and Alpha consistently shoots the biggest loads I’ve ever seen.  He said we could try it one day when I was ready, as long as we built the trust and stayed honest with each other.  I wasn’t ready today though.  I don’t think I would have ever been ready.

But Alpha was ready.  He was a true Supreme Alpha and he decided it was time to own me.  He held me down and began pounding me faster and harder. I knew I couldn’t get away.  I knew nothing I could do could stop an alpha who had made up his mind to take what was his.

I also knew… deep down… how badly I wanted it.

He pounded me harder and harder and I knew that I was helpless. I was his and he was going to take me. I was about to be seeded for the first time by a true alpha male.

Everything seemed to slow down and amplify in the moments leading up to his orgasm.  My senses were in overdrive.   I remember the accelerating panting of his hot wet breath in my ear. I remember the feeling of the warm sweat rolling down my back as he pressed his muscular chest against me. I remember the power of his strong hips as he thrusted his masculinity into my tight small ass.  I remember how deep I sunk into the mattress with each thrust of his big cock, and the accompanying squeak squeak squeak of the bedsprings as he got closer to climax. I remember the fear, the nervousness… and the excitement… and the anticipation.   I was his. He owned me.  He had owned me since the first night we met, almost two years ago, when he lifted my little body up, threw me over his shoulder, and carried me up to his bedroom.

I completely surrendered to him.

Alpha intuitively sensed my total submission.  He shoved me down onto the mattress and fucked me faster and harder than he ever had before. And as his final thrusts reached an unprecedented intensity, he began moaning and grunting in pleasure as he finally unleashed his load into me.  I had heard him cum many times up until that point, but never like this.  With each grunt and each thrust I knew he was pumping more and more of his alpha seed into my virgin hole, forever marking me as his property.

Then something strange happened.  In between his thrusts, and the continuing spurts of cum from his amazing cock, I felt the wet heat of his of his big load inside my hole.  I can’t truly explain what happened next to me.   The moment that my body understood that he had planted his alpha seed inside me, I began spasming involuntarily under him in extreme insatiable pleasure.  It was like a switch flipped in my brain and I was overwhelmed by this red blind lust. I couldn’t stop.  My body knew the essence of his alpha masculinity was deep inside my body, absorbing into me.  He held me in place while I squirmed and moaned under him. He later told me that even my voice had changed.  I’m not sure how long it lasted, but when I finally calmed down, he collapsed on top of me, keeping his cock deep inside me, his seed slowly absorbing into my body.  I couldn’t move, but I didn’t want to either. I felt safe and protected in his strong arms.  I felt happy, blissfully happy, with his load seeping into my body.  I was now owned by a true Supreme Alpha and there was no turning back.

Since that night, I’ve become obsessed with his cock and his loads.  I love his big cock, I love how strong and powerful he is when he owns my hole. I’m happiest when his athletic muscular body is on top of me, pinning me down, filling me with his alpha seed, just like nature intended.  I didn’t even like bottoming before, and now I crave his cock all the time.  I feel like I belong underneath him, taking load after load of his seed, and giving him the powerful release he deserves.

I hope that every alpha and every faggot who reads this today gets turned on knowing what my alpha did to me.  This story should serve as proof that in a world of betas and faggots, he is a Supreme Alpha.  He’s not just strong, handsome, and dominant.  He’s also intelligent, patient, and someone I really look up to.  For his birthday week, I wanted to make sure that guys all around the world get hard and horny reading this story, rubbing their cocks to the thought of my Supreme Alpha.

As for me, I just want to thank my Alpha.  I appreciate your friendship, everything you teach me, and all the advice you give me.  I also appreciate your big cock, muscular body, and hot loads.   I am the luckiest boy!  I will continue doing what I can to show my appreciation for you, to keep your cock hard, and to keep your big heavy balls drained.

Happy Birthday, Alpha!



What a tribute to this great and powerful Alpha!! 

I do want to add a bit of context to what my beta brother describes here. Let’s be clear: he was cunted that night by this Supreme Alpha. I’ve described cunting several times on this blog, like HERE and HERand HERE. It is such a profound moment between an Alpha and his sub, for it is the moment an Alpha truly claims a boy, while simultaneously erasing the male sexuality of the boy and effectively turning his hole into a pussy. It is life-changing for a submissive.

To my brother, I wish to once again extend my thanks for sharing these inspiring stories! You’ve done your Master proud!

And to your Supreme Alpha: I wish you the very best birthday, Sir! Thank you for your overwhelming power and leadership! Your servant’s faithful devotion is a testament to your Alphahood! I offer you my allegiance and worship as well, Master!