From the moment Master Matt locked up and claimed Michael as his first owned faggot, one thing was certain: Master Nick was going to eventually mount and breed it.

Why? Between Alphas, the sharing of faggot meat with Alpha brothers is a bonding experience. There are few things better for an Alpha to hear than his brother complimenting him on his faggot, because it’s not just a compliment on the faggot’s attractiveness, but also the Alpha’s power and control over his faggot.

For a faggot, there is no better way to serve an Alpha than to be the reason for such a compliment.

So last Saturday it was determined that, after their workout in the morning, Masters Nick and Matt would return to Matt’s condo for lunch and a threesome.

Alpha Life! Isn’t it amazing?!?

So Masters Nick and Matt arrived at the condo to see Michael kneeling at the door. The faggot appropriately kissed both pairs of feet.

Master Matt ordered Michael to change into something sexier, and Michael immediately went into the other room. The faggot returned wearing only a jock strap to cover its chastity cage.

Then Michael served these two hungry Kings the lunch it made: spaghetti and meatballs. Master Matt had Michael kneel next to the table quietly while the Men talked and ate.

But having this obedient faggot kneeling silently at the table really triggered Master Nick; his giant dick was growing larger by the minute. Michael saw it rising in Nick’s pants and knew what was coming.

Then Master Nick got up, grabbed the faggot, and dragged it into the bedroom. There he began fucking Michael for a quite a while.

Then Master Matt walked into the room sporting a giant erection of his own, and shoved it down the faggot’s throat.

The Alpha brothers double penetrated Michael for a while until Master Nick could no longer hold back. He began squirting massive streams of his superior cum into Michael’s pussy. The sight turned Master Matt on so much that he started pumping a load down Michael’s throat.

Simultaneous breedings!

After the Kings finished, Master Matt commanded Michael to get in the bitch position so Master Nick could take a look at Michael’s cum-filled pussy. Then Master Nick carefully inspected Michael’s chastity cage to make sure it was securely fastened around the faggot’s clit.

Then the Kings retired to the living room to drink some beers (served by the faggot, of course) and revel in their own glory.

When I was talking to Master Matt about the encounter afterward, he said this to me:

“Nick was very impressed with my training.”

Remember what I said at the outset about how the ownership of good faggots are a special blessing to Alphas because of how the faggot makes them look in the eyes of their brothers?

Master Matt loves owning Michael not just for the excellent service, but also for the respect he receives from his fellow Alphas like Master Nick!

Respect is everything to Men!